Entourage e-mails are in a different language

 For some reason one of my clients is recieving e-mails in chinese. He has never done anything to his Macbook to make it display in chinese. The weird part is that its intermitten, some of his emails will be in English and some in Chinese. I've checked his region and language settings in Entourage and they are correct(set in English). I had him access outlook webmail and the e-mails are the same. Another weird this is that in the header where it says "to" the address is in chinese but the "From" is in english. Ive hit a wall and Im not sure what else to check. Anyone have any ideas?
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Have you checked what language is selected in Outool Web Access > Options > Regional Settings?
pfranco14Author Commented:
Yes the regional settings are correct.
pfranco14Author Commented:
I just found out the recipient replys back with a blackberry from the UK does that affect anything?
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The problem could be originating on the senders side.
pfranco14Author Commented:
I was thinking that but I wasn't so sure if I missed on checking other settings.

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Can you look at the source of the message (in Entourage you can do this by going to Message menu > Source)? How do the headers look there?
pfranco14Author Commented:
Please close this the issue has been solved.
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