Replacement Fans

I have a Rackable Systems mini 1U server, similar to  his one here:

Now this server is LOUD, so i had a friend swap out the fans, and now it just overheats and shuts off. I'm looking for something quiet that pushes a lot of air to keep this thing on. Any suggestions?
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kenyclConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rackable server are generally loud and comes with a small size fan that pushes air through by spinning the fins fast to have just enough cold air to cool the component down, since you have replaced one with a slower RPM(quieter) fan its not pushing enough air through to cool the component and has shut down before any damage is done.

to be able to get a quieter fan with the right amount of air through would generally require a bigger size fan to push the right amount quietly.
doing so will require molding the server to make the bigger fan fit.
SPC_75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Rackmount Servers are generally loud due to the small fans. If they are not you have a broken fan... I reckon it's a design element to encourage you to put the server in it's own room with a decent cooling system ;-)

The servers i run have all fans maxed (ie loud) in order to keep em cool.
PCBONEZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are using two CPUs that are each over 110+ watts crammed into a little tiny space.
That means small diameter high volume fans and small high volume fans are loud.
That's just how it is.
Your misguided guru friend put in low volume fans -> over heat.

That configuration was never intended to be used in an office or 'people' space.
- And now you know why...

You need to move it somewhere out of ear-shot -or- reconfigure it.

A full tower server type case or a 4U or 5U rack mount case would allow larger diameter but lower RPM fans that move the same air with less noise.

You could go so far as to [or alternately] update the mobo to socket 771 and use CORE architecture based Xeons vice the Netburst archietcure Xeons you are using now.
The CORE based Xeons are much faster per CPU clock [exactly the same as core2 vs P4 in none Xeons] and also create less heat.
Dual core socket 771 CPUs [the Xeon equivalent of Core2Duo] typically only use 65 watts.
I use the low volt dual cores [Xeon 5148, 2.33GHz] that are only 40 watts. [Xeon 5138, 2.13GHz is only 35 watts.]
--- Both 5138 and 5148 should be FASTER than what you are using now even if you only install ONE CPU.
--- They are dual core.
--- 2x Netburst based to 1x Core based[dual core, LV] means you'd go from over 220+ watts to only 35 or 40 watts.
--- You will need less cooling AND it should be faster. The old chassis might even work with the wimpy fans.

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Cobra25Author Commented:
Thanks for the tips guys.

Where can i find the original fans to put back in? My friend threw them out and im not sure where to get them
which model is yours exactly?
Cobra25Author Commented:
Not sure, it jsut says Rackable Systems on the front, and then on the side theres a barcode that reads "108400"

Other than that no other stickers/serials of any kind.
check if these are similar to the ones you had before and make sure the connectors are the same as what your motherboard will take.  the model below is said to be for rackable systems 1u server

Sunon KD1204PKB1

you can either purchase them off ebay or go to a local supplier that you can ring and check with
This screen shot is from the motherboard manual.
May be useful in selecting fans.


Cobra25Author Commented:
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