LDAP access for Window 2003 / 2008

Any idea how to setup the LDAP access on WIndow 2003 and 2008 so that hte user could access the user' mail address and info. My Entourage could read the Global address book of Exchange and it could allow LDAP access. I don't knnow how to make the LDAP work on Window DC.

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Justin OwensConnect With a Mentor ITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Entourage 2004: http://www.itd.umich.edu/itcsdocs/s4328/
Entourage 2008: http://www.itd.umich.edu/itcsdocs/s4359/

More generalized directions, including a screenshot of the Advanced tab you posted:


Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Almost any authenticated AD account can Query the AD with LDAP to get that info.  What specifically are you needing?
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
I want to allow Entourage to access the address book using the LDAP. How to make use of LDAP to access the AD info of my domain ?


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