Having trouble syncing Blackberry w/ Exchane (Sprint/Nextel)

Good Evening and thank you for taking the time out to help me out this issue I'm having. Your input and time is greatly appreciated and valued.

One of my clients uses a blackberry. He wants to get his emails on his phone. The phone is a Nextel. They host their own exchange MS Server 2003 sbs. Sprint/Nextel have great website that does most of the setting up for you. As long as you enter the right information. I have been toying w/ this for a couple of hours now and can't get it to work.

On the site there are three different ways this can be set up. I have tired all three and none has worked so far. I'm sure it's something that i'm doing wrong.

 Blackberry Exchange
 Blackberry Exchange
 Blackberry Exchange
I'm not 100% certain that i'm inputting all the correct info POP/IMAP Email Server: or Web Access URL:

When I want to access the inbox form the internet I go to xicxxxxxxxtrolx.com/exhange and I get a warnign

 Blackberry Exchange
And i have to add an exception to the rule by adding a certificate

 Blackberry Exchange
After that it gives me this long url
Blackberry Exchange and the logon screen. I have tried both url's and did not work. Not sure what i'm doing wrong b/c there is another guy at the office who has his working fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and expertise.

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A couple of items..

The site indicates you need IE to auto-detect the POP/IMAP settings but it looks like you are using Firefox.

Assuming that the other fellow in the office has the root certificate for the company's PKI cert installed so they don't get the Cert Status warning.  Do you have this installed on your system as well?  If so, is the root cert installed in both Firefox and Windows keystores?  Again though, I would stick with IE for the purposes of this setup based on their recommendation.
1) You are getting warnings because the client has not purchased and installed a real, trusted SSL cert (otherwise even if you suppress the SSL refusal on the phone, it will come back after every update, taking down your users' ability to sync).  

If you want to do the OWA method (as opposed to IMAP or POP) then you need that cert,
I use: http://bosscrazy.com/  as their SSL certs start at just $30

2) Only the OWA method will sync your calendar.

3) If you want option 3 to work (autodiscover) then your client needs a SAN (subject alternative names) certificate (which will include several domain names including autodicover.yourdomain.com).   This is slightly more expensive, but well worth it in most environments.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
As per what others have said, I'd buy a certificate - they're not expensive and they sort out all of these issues.

Also you might want to investigate BES Express - free for up to (from memory) 10,000 devices and will give full two-way sync in almost real time, including calendar etc which BIS won't do - that is email only. However, I'm not sure if Exchange 2003 is supported by it.

Autodiscover is only used for Exchange 2007 and above so a SAN cert here wouldn't really give you anything. That said, neither would it harm anything so with a bit of thought about future updates you could get a SAN certificate. It actually has no relevance to option 3 above - that simply queries the registry on your computer for Outlook Express settings and as it says, requires you to use IE (in fact most operations with RIM/BlackBerry like this require IE)

I've used www.certificatesforexchange.com in the past with good results. Seem to recall a 10 name SAN cert in January was about US$70.

If you do decide to go down the route of BES Express, be aware that one limitation is that you cannot do OTA (Over The Air) activation of your handsets - they either need to be connected to you LAN via WiFi or you can configure them throuh a self-service portal that's a part of it.

One other thing I would suggest is that you read the docs first - there are some important things with regards to user accounts etc.

Good luck.

You can run BES Express on Exchange 2003.  

loshdogAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help. I was able to get around the issue w/o getting an ssl cert.
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