Windows cannot access this folder

Hello Experts,

For my client, I am trying to allow access to my FTP site, but everytime i tyoe in ftp:/ I get "Windows cannot access this folder", while from home I can access it no problem.

Currently they have in place:

- Win 2003 Server
- SpeedStream 5200 DSL modem
- Linksys WRV 200 Router
- D-Link DSS - 16+

Out of maybe 100 attempts from their network, I may have got in 5 times into the ftp.  Having said this, could it be:

- their router (i'm leaning more towards this)?
- their isp
- their workstations - i'm planning bringing in my netbook, which from home connects to my ftp.
- their server

PS - the ftp site is at GoDaddy, so it is not nternal only to my home.

Any ideas?
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAsked:
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How are you accessing the FTP server? Via third party software? Have you tried the command line ftp client and see what results you get?

It's possible it may be the router but I would be surprised unless it has some intelligent state packet inspection or something along similar lines.
If the router controls outgoing ports as well as incoming ports it would be possible, then it would just be opening the FTP Port 21 on the router for outgoing access ...
@TBK-Consulting But if he is managing to connect sometimes, that would be one rubbish firewall that allows intermittent connections. Hence it would need to be something like IPS/Stateful Packet Inspection where I've seen it do similar things in the past.
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APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I did open port 21 on the router - didnt help.
@bobalob - TRUE , but stranger things have happened, always good to check everything to make sure, and APD has checked it I see ... so yes start looking at things in the Firewall that could prevent it with Stateful Inspection ... GoDaddy is awful to begin with as far as access goes, I've found them to be very hit or miss, even with their own web ftp client ...

Also check to see if the DNS you use is finding it properly as well, try using different DNS servers to see if it helps.
Budi SantosoIT Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
That's could be the router.
I ever get this problem too.
Iam trying to access directly in front of the router, and the problem was gone.
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
the way i access it is through "My Computer" i type
if, through command prompt, i type ftp i get "unknown error"
on the individual computers, If i go to windows firewall, its turned off.  Can it be the antivirus?
The reason why i suspect the router is because, 2 months agao i replaced my hoime router as it kept dropping connection
As for your other advice, like checking the DNS, etc, can you be more specific as to where to look (step-by-step) as my networking knowledge is limitted,
Thank you.
since you are entering the direct ip address DNS wouldn't be the issue either ... I'd say go ahead and try replacing the router with another one temporarily and see if it makes a difference ...

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Please try, at the command prompt of a server:

Portqry -n -o 21 -p both

You will be querying the default listening port for FTP on the IP address of that server... It will tell you if the server is listening or blocked.

You asked, could it be:

- their router (i'm leaning more towards this)?
- their isp
- their workstations - i'm planning bringing in my netbook, which from home connects to my ftp.
- their server

YES, and it could also be, any of yours.

FTP is often blocked by ITsec policies ISPs, and standard blocks on software/hardware firewalls.

Your internet browser blocks FTP too. In internet explorer, go to tools, (or was it safety), and select allow this FTP site...
APD TorontoSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
new router resolved the issue
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