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Redundant router failover configuration

I was wondering if anybody has any good solutions to acheive the following setup.

At the moment we have our computer system virtualized (vmware view) on our own servers in a datacenter.  We connect from the office to the datacenter over an ipsec vpn (seperate PFsense to PFsense appliances).  We are going to setup a backup link on each pfsense so that the site to site link can failover if a link goes down.  Nearly all of the network now has full redundancy vmware hosts, san, lan switches etc.  The only weakpoint that we will have left is the router at each site.  Although we will have failover links on each router if the physical router at either end fails it will cause downtime.  Does anybody know how i can have an additional router appliance at each end that can autofailover to the other one when required.  
I have been toying with the idea of writing a program to run on the remote lan segment that checks the status of the master router and if requried enables the relevant interfaces on the slave router.  Other options are possibly interfacing with the raritan powerbar or manipulating ports on a managed layer2 switch.

I really don't know where to start with this and there may well be a much easier way of acheiving the same result.  The programming languages I am strong in are VB Script and CSharp but  could probably use perl if required.
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Tory WCommented:
At your remote site using two routers, have a cross connect using a port channel between the two routers.  This will allow for it the main line in from your provider goes down.  Make sure the provider uses two separate physical runs though. Not just a separate fiber in the same cable. (If the cable gets cut both will go down)

The second half of this would be to use a standby IP address for default gateway. That way it doesn't matter which path is up and running the traffic will alway be routed to standby.  

If you need help with the config just let me know.

Maybe this will help you arrive at a solution :-


Its a link for the FAQs for HSRP - Hot standby router protocol.
Ross-CAuthor Commented:
toryw, I like the sound of your solution is please could you explain how the cross
connect works its not something im familier with.

When you suggest the the secondary gateway address do you mean
one for each router then set two gateways on each device on the network.

Many thanks
Ross-CAuthor Commented:
I have found an ideal solution using the open source (core) version of Vyatta.

This guys blog has loads of info and videos on how to configure.
i now have 2 routers at each side of the link with auto fail over and auto fail back.


I would highly recommend this router platform to anyone.  
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