MVC pattern with silverlight

I want to create a silverlight application with the mvc model.  Now whats so specific about this is that I want each view to see the exact same thing, so when a user changes something on one viewer, all the viewers change.  I am currently unsure on how to set it up but that is the only requirement I have.  I am also hosting it in IIS7.0 and have silverlight 3.  
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codenhackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess this will give you a head start on what you want to do 
I am not sure as to why do you want to go ahead with MVC model when the recommended way of developing Silverlight application is using MVVM Pattern.
Anyways you can achive your goal by using databinding. Using databinding you could bind one control to another or to a collection or to an XML. ALso i would suggest you to use Silverlight 4 as it has command support.
If you have any more query please let me know.
htn5caAuthor Commented:
Ok I didn't know about the MVVM pattern.  So can I achieve what I originally wanted with this? (ie: whatever brower is open will have the same set of data from the silverlight service).

if so could you post some examples or links?  thank you very much
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So what i understand is:
User is browsing your application and and he goes to some page or something. Then he opens a new explorer and browses your application then you want the user to see the same page/data which he sees on the other window.
Let me know if i am correct....
htn5caAuthor Commented:
Yes exactly.  Or kind of the same scenario if two users open the same page, and one of them changes data, the other user should experience the same data change.  
htn5caAuthor Commented:
perfect! i'd give you a 1000000 points if i had them
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