Unrecognized characters in WordPress display

I'm seeing unrecognized characters on my WordPress website. If I copy the page and past into notepad, the characters are the correct, normal alphanumeric characters. But they aren't displaying on the web page correctly [attached]
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QuantumGoodConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem "solved:" Works on all computers except this one :(

After holding the power button in on the computer after shutoff with the power cord unplugged to not only clear RAM but remove voltages from the motherboard and other components, site displays fine now on all computers.
Best guess is to check the font-family that is set in your stylesheet. It might be calling a font that the browser doesn't recognize.

If you can, add the link to your site here and I can try viewing it in a couple browsers and see if I see the same or the text.
QuantumGoodAuthor Commented:
Probably not the problem Apologies for no link before: http://www.rochesterinternationaldance.com/sadiya/

Inspection of the page as rendered shows everything is inheriting from the body font.
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