DHCP Reservation (inactive)

In our DHCP list we have 'many' instances of inactive reservations. Is there a way to list / export when the reservation was last used? I intend to then go through & check which instances are still being used [static assigned IP Address] and delete any that are not active, anyone know of a quick & easy [not manually pinging each address] way to do this?

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BDoellefeldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, I see.

It will keep one week of logging history by default, the rest is vapor.

Logs are located here by default WINDOWS\system32\dhcp
I'm someone else probably has a better way but if I made one up... I would:

Use something like AngryIP Scanner to scan the range (more like ping the range) I wanted for alive hosts and cross reference that with the inactives.

The result would be... If the host responds, yet has an inactive reservation for the same IP, then it would lend to it being static and warrant a quick look to be sure.
WGMITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply, but I am really needing something that can tell me how long the reservation has been inactive for; 2 weeks maybe someone is on holiday, 2 years maybe its not there anymore!!
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Yes, perform an ANGRYIPSCAN. This will ping the entire subnet for you and also list the computer name of active pings.

Oops, didn't read what the recommendations were. You should also know that an inactive reservation means the IP address hasn't been offered to a client or server that it was designated for. So, you can rid yourself of ALL inactive reservations.....

WGMITAuthor Commented:
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