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Wi-Fi HotSpot (Cyber Cafe) Devices & Software Requirements (1Mile Coverage)

Dear Experts,

From the Title I clear my point, I already own a Cybercafe running 80 Pcs and am planing to extend my Business since the 3G Broadband ISPs are eating our Cybercafe  customer leaving nothing to US !!!, So I need the following:

1- Access Point With Mesh ( Able To Control The Bandwidth Speed in Kbps )
2- It Should cover a range of 1+ Mile directional ( West - East - South - North )
3- Cisco or Proxim Product or Something Cheaper In term that should do the job.
4- Billing Software ( Good, Stable and Reliable )
5- Desktop or Notebook, & OS Specification ( For The Billing Software )
6- Cables, Utility etc..

Any further question I will be happy to answer.

3 Solutions
I haven't heard of anyone speading a wireless G or N network from one location for 1mile? Can you put repeaters around the place?
SandsChildAuthor Commented:
Will that will do the job! Am not familer with this stuff that much! So please clear that to me and give me your advice.
SandsChildAuthor Commented:
Will that will do the job! Am not familer with this stuff that much! So please clear that to me and give me your advice.
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SandsChildAuthor Commented:
Will that will do the job! Am not familer with this stuff that much! So please clear that to me and give me your advice.
Imran SaeedIT Technical DirectorCommented:
SandsChildAuthor Commented:

To be clear with you it's a prepaid only ! I there ticket or Memberships !

So if there any other options than pleas tel me about
Imran SaeedIT Technical DirectorCommented:
1st, please read this guide and try it to get more familiar with prepaid hotspot setup and do note that this is for small scale only.


For large scale hotspot billing better look at commercial solutions available as they do provide support and guide you through complete installation such as Alepo etc.


The below link is for a solution provider here in Malaysia but can be applied to any location.

SandsChildAuthor Commented:
Dear xlmran,

Regarding the last link (Malaysia), dose this one
have the same a that one?


What about the hardware for a scal of 1 - 2 Mills?

John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The City of Toronto tried this (I used it), wanted to charge an arm and leg for casual use, and spent a big bundle of cash (Big City) to install it. I don't think it is still going.  

I do not need them or any of these places any more. I have my own 3G stick.

I think your business model is dead. Expanding it to a square mile will cost you much and probably still fail. There is just no market for it where I live. ... Thinkpads_User

As it has already been pointed out, you do need some kind of mesh system to cover 1 mile more advanced radius.  Depending on the terrain, obstacles and buildings, I would expect that you will need at least 10 'repeater' units.

I have some experience in these kinds of networks (wifi for metropolitan information networks, caravan parks, trade shows, etc) and I have to say that you can't go past Mikrotik routerBoard systems for this kind of deployment.

The built-in routerOS can do dynamic and static wireless mesh, and has a built-in hotspot system (like chillispot) plus supporting pppoe and other authentication methods.

RouterOS also has an optional (free) hotspot user manager solution so that you can make access 'tickets' to sell to users.  There are also several third party user management systems that offer more advanced functionality including online credit card purchasing, user account billing, and even email and web site services.  Here is one example of such a thing:  http://www.duxtel.com.au

Best of all, Mikrotik and routerOS is a fraction of the cost of equivalent cisco systems so that deployment of a wider area wifi service becomes significantly affordable - you can do it all with just a couple of hundred dollars for each base station or repeater!

Cheers,  Mike.

Thinkpads, is partially right. Toronto Hydro dropped city wide wifi just as 3g started to take off. In some world regions tho, their infrasructure isn't there like in Canada or the US.

Take a look at www.dd-wrt.com. They have some hardware that I think will help you if you continue this venture.

The problem I see you facing is the cost of a mesh network to cover 1sq mile. You may still be looking at $10k or more with $200 or $300 wifi units.

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