Dual Exchange Accounts

One of my customers is going to be job sharing in a new position looking after two organisations.

Currently we are running SBS 2008 and Exchange 2007 at current location.

The new location runs sbs 2003 and exchange 2003.

MS Office will be 2007 or 2010.

Need to be able to have all the information in one account, but be able to separate emails between locations.

Customer is getting a new Toshiba R700 to go between locations and also to use at home.

I thought having SBS 2008 as main with Exchange 2007, and using Outlook Anywhere. Setup a forwarder from SBS 2003 mailbox to point to current email address, and have filters setup so all mail is filtered into correct mail folder.

Couple of issues with this:
 - Staff at new business location -> how do they see his calendar?
 - When replying to email from new location, it will go out with Original location. Possibility to setup maybe a transport rule so when replying/forwarding it gets address from who it was initially sent too?

Customer will be using a HTC Desire as phone as well for email/calendar on the road.

Any suggestions, comments, pass experience would be appreciated.


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naughtynatConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Setup Location 1 exchange 2007 with relay domain for Location 2.

Configure another account for user, with the location 2 account.

Configure full access for additional account for user.

Use "from" option when sending mail.
Android does a decent job at syncing multiple exchange accounts, unfortunately, Outlook does not. Outlook 2010 allows me to add multiple exchange accounts, but since I don't have two exchange servers, I can't comment on how well it works. If Outlook 2010 works on multiple exchange accounts like Android does, it will be your best bet.

You will have problems with people on Site A seeing his Site B calendar and vice versa. You wouldn't want to duplicate entries from one calendar to another, that would get messy and cause double reminders.
With a forwarding solution, you may run into issues with him sending as user@siteA.com vs user@siteB.com. There are some work arounds to that, but none are elegant.
You could have him POP/IMAP one site and Outlook Anywhere the primary site. That would make it easier to chose what account mail is sent from. It would also pull the messages from one exchange server and upload to the other, but messages would only hit his main exchange box when his outlook is open, and him viewing both inboxes via his phone might get confusing.
naughtynatAuthor Commented:

Basically need to work out what is going to be best using the 1 Exchange account.

Yes needs to be very easy as the end user (CEO) is not a power user. Something seamless in the background.

At this stage New Site not seeing calendar isnt a massive issue, and just wanting to get it up and running at the moment, so can probably work around this issue.

I am sure that with all the fancy bits in exchange, should be able to setup something! Just have to know what and how :D
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

I think your best bet will be using Outlook 2010 and configuring two exchange accounts, or 1 exchange and one pop/imap account. Use Outlook anywhere for both if doing two exchange accounts. Make sure POP/IMAP/SMTP is accessible from the internet if you decide to go that route.

He may want to keep mail from one place in a separate inbox from mail from the other, or he might want them converged. His preferences are going to dictate the best way to set this up for him.
No need for sync/forward.
As grandebob suggested outlook 2010 can be configured with upto 3 exchange accounts.
You need to setup the non local exchange as rpc/https and configure your exchange accordingly to.

Test your rpc https / outlook anywhere from here

naughtynatAuthor Commented:
But wont that give me 2 calendars?

One for Location 1 and another for Location 2?

Outlook Anywhere setup at location 1.

I doubt that RPC HTTPS is setup at site 2 (or their techs will do it!).
I think you are going to be stuck with 2 calendars no matter what. If you had two full versions of exchange on two full domains you could set up some trusts between the two, however with SBS that isn't an option. It would also be a major infrastructure re-engineering to do that.

I hokey work around would be to put Google calendar sync on his machine and sync both calendars back and forth with Google, but that could cause some duplicates and complicates the scenario.
naughtynatAuthor Commented:
If I setup the Location 2 as an Authoritative Domain on Location 1, that will enable me to add the email for Location 2.

From Location 2 setup forwarder to Location 1.

@ Location 1 setup rule to filter for above forwarder.

Issue of sending is still there, although from outlook believe addon software (http://www.ivasoft.biz/) has a work-around for this with the ability to send from any of users mailboxes.

That doesnt work in OWA or Mobile, but that wont be used much.

So still hoping to find some work around (change sent from) but havent found it yet..!

Other issues is that you are only going to have the Location 1 GAB which is a bit of a pain, but again can be manually configured and for 20-25 staff not going to be a bit issue to ensure that it is up-to-date.

For personal secretary at Location 2, should be able to setup a user on Location 1, delegate access, and she can just use OWA if she needs to update information for the CEO. Not perfect but workable I think and means its easiest for the boss.
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