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Copy TFTP Cisco Router 2811

Hello Experts,

I am trying to copy my router settings from one cisco router 2811 to another cisco router 2811.
The router that I am copying from is currently in production and I am using the console cable to logon to it. However when i do the "copy running-config tftp:" it does not see the computer that I am logging on from.
I guess my question is how do i get the router to see my desktop?
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You will need to run tftp server on your desktop or you can use this procedure:
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Solarwinds TFTP server works well I've found.  Simple and light.
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what is the command to clear all the configurations on the router?
The router is on the same network than the desktop. I am just not sure how to telnet or logon to the router without the console cable?
Please put an USB pendrive and copy it:

copy startup usb
you mean just do a copy paste on a usb pendrive?
Just to make it simple - Cisco routers have three essential SW components:
- IOS software - which you can call it operating system
- startup-config - configuration file which is loaded in memory at router startup
- running-config - configuration file which resides in memory.

When you configure a router you make changes to running-config. If running-config is not saved to startup-config, the configuration changes you have made are lost at next reboot.

You can connect to router console (at least) in two ways:
- using console cable over PC COM port
- Over network using telnet or SSH (I'm normally using putty.exe program to do that). Just enter IP address of router and choose telnet or ssh protocol - which one depends on router config.

You can transfer files between PC and router (at least) in two ways:
- using xmodem protocol when connecting using console cable and hyper terminal
- using tftp (trivial FTP). You need TFTP software started on your/some PC.
You can also connect to router over console cable and instruct router to transfer files over network using tftp.

To factory reset router use this procedure:

But if you want only to copy configuration from one router to another it is enough to copy startup-config file from one router to another. In this way all previous configuration of second router will be lost.

No, when you connect to router using console cable enter in CLI that command. USB pendrive connect to router.
yes, copy on the router:

copy startup usb0:

and copy from usb on the another router:

copy usb0:/startup-config.txt flash:
Ok it is copying but I do not see the file. Do i need to specify the location as well or just the filename?

gateway#copy running-config usb
Destination filename [usb]? router_backup

2581 bytes copied in 0.776 secs (3326 bytes/sec)
if you type dir you will see router_backup file still on router internal flash:
When you specify device you must put ":" at the end.

Here is the link with some basic commands just to see procedure about copying files.
I propose that you format usb stick to fat format in computer, because if you format flash you have lost everything and recovering from that is a little more complicated that copying configuration file.
You have to be very precise.
yes it is..:)

and after you need:

copy usb startup
no reason