What is a good utility to do a health check on Windows Servers?

Microsoft want to come in and do a health check for a nominal fee.  Isn't there software out there which does the same things Microsoft will do?
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shalabhsharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MBSA only detect common security misconfiguration and missing security updates on your computer systems.It doesnt check the system health performance.
EEHelpMeAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that we are running 2008 server.
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Brian WithunCommented:
If I were in charge of keeping a fleet (or a single!) server healthy I would use PerfMon.

You can set up a monitor and record interesting metrics, like CPU/disk/network usage over time.  You can monitor your servers 24/7 and export the data to a CSV and open that in Excel and make some very pretty charts.

This article covers some of the basics.
EEHelpMeAuthor Commented:
what about microsoft baseline security analyzer?  Is there a better software out there?
look @ http://www.monitoring-softwares.com/
or  use nagios http://nagios.org/
configure NSCA in NSClient++ (installed on the windows) to send passive checks data to the Nagios server....  check
for windows event logs, use nageventlog.  NSClient++ can handle the active checks and NagEventLog handles passive checks for Event Logs.
Here is a good document for monitoring windows services.  Hope this helps ...
I use PAL (performance analysis of logs) in combination with perfmon.
pal can be downloaded from http://pal.codeplex.com/
It creates reports from the perfmon counters and also gives suggestions on how to boost performance.

Did I mention its free ?

good luck
Spiceworks is quite ok.
You can automate some perfmon tasks by using the logman command line utility, and create custom reports:

Here is an example on how to monitor a Domain Controller using perfmon and logman

It is a way to monitor you servers, but it cannot be considered as a real-time monitoring solution.

For real-time monitoring MS will try to sell you the SCOM solution which is quiet expensive but designed to monitor Windows Servers. So if you have money to spend why not considering it:

Like MadUnix, I use instead Nagios for monitoring CPU, RAM, Disk space etc... on Windows and non-Windows systems.

For Windows Event Viewer data collecting I use Kiwi Syslog, you can be aware in real time of critical system events (or application) events occuring on your servers.

But if you have only windows 2008 servers you can use Event Forwarding shipped woth the OS, it's free:

EEHelpMeAuthor Commented:
It helped me look into an alternative software package.  Thanks.
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