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adding cname record to windows DNS, not working

I am trying to add a cname record.  

I want my users to be able to simply enter  The real domain is hosted on

I created a cname record in DNS, yet my internal domain users cannot reach the site.  I do a nslookup from my client machine and no IP is returned.  

as a test I create another cname record with just, and I can now reach the site by

Is this /mantis breaking my cname record? Any work around?
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Rich Weissler

You are attempting to include part of a path in the cname?  That won't work...

Apache supports host headers:

Now that you have a functional cname record, configure your apache web server so that connections coming in with the virtual host '' go to the /mantis directory.
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ASKER is actually hosted on godaddy.
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What comes after the hostname in the browser has to be handled by an HTTP server (web server).  The easiest way to do that in this case would be to work with godaddy.  If you have another web server, you can have that web server receive the traffic for and perform a redirect to the, but the end user is eventually going to see in their address bar anyway.  Talk to your customer service rep to technical rep at godaddy to find out how much more they are gonna charge to host the prettier domain for your website.
Godaddy. Got it.

Is a domain that you control? If so, you'll need to create the CNAME in your DNS control panel in godaddy, not on your internal DNS server.

If is somebody else's domain, I don't know that you're going to be able to do what you're trying to do. The DNS query for is going to be answered by godaddy's DNS server (your users query the internal DNS, which will query godaddy's DNS and return the answer). You can't add DNS records to your internal DNS server for a server hosted by godaddy.
we owna nd control  It is the root domain of our hosting accounting, however nothing is actually hosted when you go to create a root level domain for organizing the folder structure on the godaddy FTP site.
our folder/domain structure on godaddy looks like (root folder) (sub folder of root) (subfolder of root)
 mantis (subfolder of root)
Ah... here is the godaddy supported method of accomplishing what you have stated you want to do: