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Employee name change from getting married

This is on SBS 2003. An employee got married, she asked me to change her email address from maryk@acme.com to maryl@acme.com.

I simply added the maryl@acme.com as an additional email address to her user account, unchecked the checkbox on the Exchange Email Addresses tab of her user account that says something like "Update email addresses according to policy," and then set the maryl@acme.com as the Default email address.

Had her send me some emails, I replied, and things looked good. This all happened about a week ago. then today I was onsite and she tells me that she hasn't received any external email since we changed her email address.

What am I missing? I'm about to simply create a new user account for her and if Exchange doesn't let me create a new user account with the email address of maryl@acme.com because it now already exists in AD, I'll just use mary.l@acme.com I guess.


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