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Dell GX60 bootup issue

when i boot my small form GX60, it comes up with the DELL boot up screen. But then once complete, it goes strait to a blinking cursor with no end.

seems to be a hardware issue. whats my course of action?

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I thinks it's a power faillure, all my GX60 have a power failure and for some of them, when i stared them he reboot all time.

You power statut on start button is green ?

have a nice day,
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the power status is green. i also have been unable to utilize the f8 button an attempt safe mode startup of the OS
Can you try an other power supply ?

after one day of shutdown, your GX60 start ?

i will give it a try in the AM.

Sounds like perhaps a failing hard drive?
You can attempt to change the boot order in bios and see if you can boot to a bootable CD?
Preferably something like Windows XP installation Cd....
see if it detects the hard can go to the recovery console and see if the boot sector and boot record are corrupt and repair them thru the recovery console....let me know if you need directions for that.
Sounds like a Windows problem, not a specific hardware problem.  Did something change recently?  Have you tried restoring the last known good configuration?  You can also try using the recovery console to try to diagnose and repair the issue.

Ok, ha ve you any acess to the boot diagnostik (When boot, F12 key ? )
i have tried the diagnostic on the HD throughthe F12 key. I cannot get to the last know goof config/safe mode page for the life of me.

i can boot up tothe recovery concole, but i am unaware of the admin password for this particular machine. was not passed on to me by the previous guy.

any suggestions?
When you ran the HD diagnostics, did you get any messages?  was the drive found to be running fine?

Also did you try or are you able to try to boot from cd?  prefer windows XP install cd?
do you know how to use the recovery console?

Ok, forget my Power supply idea, I agree with Wakeup, HDD problem or a Sytem installation Failure.

Have you any linux Live CD like Ubuntu to perform a HDD Checkup ? and try to save your data ?

Have a nice day,
First step I usually try in this sort of situation is opening up the box and reseating everything (to make sure something isn't loose.  Then if no better, strip to barebones.  Motherboard video card and 1 stick of ram, then with HDD.  Then I may try a boot CD like Bart PE or window PE, see what I can see if anything on the HDD.  Then I might try exchanging parts.
Sometimes when you open the box you can find a little surprise, like a bug, lizard or worse, a mouse (and I aint talking the the type with buttons!).
Dont forget to try disabling on board video and putting in a video card (really hard in a small form factor box though)
First thing I'd try to do is boot from a Linux password change CD ( and change the Administrator's password.  Then try the recovery console again and see where that takes you.  Then I'd do what's already been suggested - use a BartPE boot CD to try to run a virus scan and examine the system/registry or pull the drive and plug it into another system as a secondary and scan/examine.
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