Failed Bios Flash on Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-NR180E

Bought a new battery (not from Sony) and it came with a Bios update disk which according to the instructions was necesary to install for the battery to be recognized.  Started the flash process which froze the machine.  Waited 1 hour then turned it off.  Now no POST, no boot, nothing.  Is it possible to fix this short of replacing the MB?
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Ian MeredithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Only possible fix is to remove the BIOS chip from your motherboard and relpace it.  Investigate the costs and weight up your options.... 
Ian MeredithCommented:
To repair your problem you would need to get a quote for replacing the BIOS from Sony or any Sony Service Agent.
Depending on that cost you may consider it more cost effective to replace the laptop with another brand (like ASUS or HP)....
RohitBagchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

As Ian_Admino has linked, there is no way to recover the BIOS, your options are only to replace the BIOS chip - The Sony Service center will be able to guide you on that. It isn't as hard as one might think depending on the model of the motherboard and if its not a soldered chip. If its unfortunately integrated onto the MB with solder, time for a MD replacement or a visit to a chip level store who can remove and replace the chip itself.

I had a similar problem on a HP laptop a few years ago and the total cost to me was about 75 Euros for a MB which had a soldered on BIOS chip.

Good luck.
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jbasiliere67Author Commented:
Does anyone know if the chip is soldered or not?
Would be difficult to state that without physical access to the laptop, but check here : - for the known issue about the battery BIOS update and subsequent problems on your specific laptop.

This vendor also states ( that they can repair your bricked BIOS for a cost of between 29$ to 129$ depending on the requirement. I would suggest you give them a call and find out for yourself about the technical aspects of the service.

Lab (tech) Email:
Office Email:                           Toll Free: 1-866-204-4677 Fax: 1-716-741-9203                          

Good luck,
>>  Bought a new battery (not from Sony) and it came with a Bios update disk which according to the instructions was necesary to install     <<  never heard that !  it looks like a scam to me, and i would never use such one !
@nobus - Sadly its more common than you think. A search on Google and you will be amazed to see just how widespread the problem is.

The issue is that many OEM's have BIOS's which don't support certain batteries and because the battery manufacturers don't get access to the BIOS from the OEM's they try to dump the BIOS from a sample set and modify it to suit their needs. Problems arise there and are extensive.
so you're saying i'm right...but it is a shame you cannot use a "general" battery for every laptop !
it should be obliged imo ! i'll ask the european community about it...
jbasiliere67Author Commented:
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
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