Cisco WIC card T1 CSU/DSU and voice channels

We have 2 cisco 2600 with csu/dsu T1 wic cards. Since they are not the controller type T1, is there a way to setup voice channels on these two using serial ports? Pl answer.
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Alex BaharConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you do not have physical access to the router, then "show inventory" will tell you all modules installed on your router. You should look for "High Density Voice" to identify NM-HDV or NM-HDV2.
See the module description below. 
NO way...
Alex BaharCommented:
Voice is supported only on VWIC type cards. VWIC stands for Voice WAN Interface Card. So these cards can be used both for Voice and WAN (data).
Even if you have a VWIC card, you still need to install DSP modules (PVDM) on your router. DSP converts T1 voice to packet voice and vice versa (voip). On a 2600 router you need an NM-HDV network module which carries both the T1 card and the DSPs.
On newer ISR routers (28xx, 38xx) you do not need the NM-HDV modules because the DSPs and VWIC can be directly installed to the motherboard. 
totaramAuthor Commented:
How do we check if we have NM-HDV module on our cisco 2600? Any command.
totaramAuthor Commented:
Thank you..
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