Cisco Router vs ASA

If I need to setup a gateway to connect to other office, support remote mobile client and external access for internal servers through NAT, should I buy a Cisco Router or ASA ? Any comment ?

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ffleismaConnect With a Mentor Senior Network EngineerCommented:
ASA can do routing. I'd say go for an ASA for its firewall features, can handle site-to-site vpn and remote clinet vpn plus it can do the routing for your internal network.

hope this helps :-)
You need Cisco Router, ASA is good Firewall but do not have routing capabilities.
Cisco Router can work as firewall and it can route your ip packets in right direction.
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
attached is screenshot, i was able to configure internal routing on my ASA.
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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
For firewall feature in ASA, is it come with ASA or it is add-in servcie that I will to additionally pay for ?

For router, it could also do site VPN to VPN setup, correct ?

aralaci11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are not going to use gre and vti tunnels , then you may choose ASA
12 . ios has site-to-ste vpn without additional license in 15.ios you must have aditional license
for the asa if you want vpn 3des/aes capabilities you shoul by additional license  
nblancpainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Both equipement will do almost the same things.
ASA will have less flexibility in terms of available interfaces (DSL, E1, T3...) but more advanced VPN features such as terminating VoIP secure sessions.
Look at the pricing, because both might serve your needs as well (include FW licence and other features needed like IPS, SRST and other SSL/VPN 10 users packs)
You can take either one of them, as you can configure both with the nat capabilities and remote access VPN. But if security comes into picture, I think its best you go for a firewall
ffleismaConnect With a Mentor Senior Network EngineerCommented:
as it this would be your gateway, then security would come in mind, routing you won't have any problems using both. for VPN, you can do site-to-site and remote client on both, also you can do GRE on ASA. if your not expecting "major major" routing action going on, then ASA would be the way to go as it serves as your firewall.

it would be striking a balance to your needs so hope we helped :-)
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
forgot to answer your question. yes router can do a site-to-site as well, and by default ASA is a firewall so basic offering has firewall capabilities. routers have firewall IOS capabilities as well, depends on what IOS you choose.

hope this helps :-)
These 2 are really close. Really check if you need exotic interfaces that would point to a router.
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