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weird (Wordpress) folder permission problem in Windows Server 2008!?


I've got a weird permission problem with some of my Wordpress folders in Windows Server 2008, more precisely some of the plug-in folders.

When I try to access or modify them I get an 'access denied' message, even though I'm the admin!? Also I can't take ownership of them ...

Anyone got an idea as to why this is and how I could change it??

Thanks a lot,

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You need to tell us a bit more information - how are you trying to access and modify them, from the server UI or in some other way ? what modifications are you trying to do ? and what are the NTFS permissions on the folders you are trying to modify.
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From the server UI. I wanted to simply access the folders and/or to modify them. As the Domain Admin I should have all the necessary permissions, no? Yet I get 'access denied'.
Check the permissions on the folder, right click, properties, security. Check what permissions are assigned to the folder - its possible someone has remove the admin user.
It's very weird ... now I can get into them (although I've nothing changed) ... might have been because of Wordpress when it tried to upgrade the plugins??
Well if you tried to modify a plugin file while the upgrade was taking place, that would have caused it. Remember when its upgrading it locks a file... and that would of prevented you doing so.. but it wouldn't have prevented access to a whole folder.
The problem was that the update of the plug-in, from inside WP, failed because WP couldn't remove the old plug-in (why not?? It was able to install it ...). Yet the folder remained locked.

Now, for some reason, it's accessible again (although half empty). I restored the plug-in folder from the backup.
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Ok, I've tried to update the plug-in again. I got this error message:
Downloading update from…
Unpacking the update…
Installing the latest version…
Removing the old version of the plugin…
Plugin upgrade failed.

An error occured while updating Google Analytics for WordPress: Could not create directory. C:/Websites/mysite/wp-content/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/.

Disabling Maintenance mode…

All updates have been completed.
What user is WP using to perform this update?
Also the google analytics plug-in folder isn't accessible anymore right now ... and I can't see the security settings because I can't set neither the domain admin nor the local admin as the owner!?
Can you just show is the permissions of each folder above it, start with c:\websites, then c:\websites\mysite then c:\website\wp-content. Throw up a screenshot of each and we can determine where the permissions are coming from.

Me again ... still the same problem! Certain folders inside a certain plug-in folder in Wordpress simply can't be deleted because I don't have the permissions! Even though I am the Administrator!? I can't even take the ownership of those folders because my access get denied ...

Any other ideas? How can I force Windows 2008 to delete these files??


Update: after a while (and some fiddling like a restart of the web-server) the folders were suddenly accessible ... it's not clear though what exactly it was that did it. Or whether it was a time-out or something.

So now I was able to restore that plug-in folder. Yet I bet if I'd try again to upgrade the plug-in then I would have the same 'access denied' problem for a while!? :(
The problem was not really solved.