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UTF-8 rendering problem in JTree with XML

Hi everyone.

I have a problem that I can't figure out. I want to show a list of folder in a JTree. I download the list as an XML file from a server and have 2 issues when showing them in the tree.
1. Non latin char are not displayed correctly
2. Rendering in the node stops after special char (haven't tested them all but "&" char is a problem.

Here is an XML sample:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <path>/01_Lancôme</path>  //ô is displayed like oÌ,
    <path>/V&R</path>  //&R is not displayed at all

If I read it in a web browser, everything looks fine. I use the DefaultTreeCellRenderer and DefaultMutableTreeNode. Also when I print to System.out, it shows up correctly.

Any ideas?

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Gurvinder Pal Singh
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Quite right you are. I should have mentioned it but I actually escape the & in Java, if not, it doesn't parse at all.
But it doesn't help either. Either & nor &amp; displays correctly.
did you tried jakarta commons?

Also mention the exception that you get
didn't help :(
other ideas?
OK. My bad. I had a wrong parsing in the toString method of the object in the node. But the UTF-8 problem is still the same. Non latin char are not displayed correctly. Some thoughts?
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Gurvinder Pal Singh
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OK. Found it. The client used to download the xml file was latin1 so I had to force it into UTF-8.

I give you some points as thanks for the help.