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SMTP Relay for Exchange 2010, Maximum emails from one sender over time period?

We just migrated from Exchange 2003 to 2010. We have an automated process that sends an email out to our customers that since we have migrated to 2010 has started timing out after a random number of emails have been sent.  This worked fine under exchange 2003.  

Is thier a setting in Exchange 2010 that says only allow X number of emails from a SMTP user/ip over a given time frame?
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automated process that sends an email out to our customers
>> what software are you using to do this ?
Did you create a separate connector.

check this article which describes how to allow applications to relay off exchange.

this was written for 2007, but applies to 2010 also.

Post back if you have any questions.
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Did you change your anti-virus or anti-SPAM when upgrading? Maybe one of those is flagging them?
Are all of the emails the same? Different attachments maybe?
Could an instrusion system or firewall be getting in the mix?
We had a problem like that (IPS) with certain PDF file attachments.
Might actually be the local Antispam filtering in Exchange that kicks in.
Try temporary disable it or whitlist the local IP of the processingbox..

That is quiet possible @ anti-spam
what anti-spam software are you using ?
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Nothing on the exchagne server directly which is wear this is happening.  We have a third party anti-spam but that happens after the exchagne server.

I will have to ask one of our developers how they are actually sending the messages but my guess would be via VB code connecting directly to the 2010 server.  

Wonder if the Exchange server is just slower responding to the SMTP commands causing the vb script to run longer and eventually timing out.
Those vb codes wony work. You will have to use exchange web services to send email. Can you ask your developer to explore that part
It is working somewhat. For example I had the create a webpage that allows me to enter a From, To, and Count so I can test. I can send 100 no problem, 200 no problem, but any thing above that and it starts failing about the 240 mark.
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Found the answer on my own.