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Add additional domain name to Exchange 2010 Server

Hey everyone.
My company recently acquired 2 other companies located in different cities. We want to add them to our current exchange 2010 server.

So, I have jason@domain1.com, which is working.
I want to also have jason@domain2.com, and jason@domain3.com.

If someone sends an email to any of those addresses, can they just all go into one exchange mailbox (jason@domain1.com).

I was following this:


but.. it doesnt work.

My A MX record points to webmail.domain1.com, do I need to create another MX record and point it to the same IP address?

Do I need to setup the child domain in my activedirectory?
Help! Ive never worked with multiple sites before, all my experience is in one site, one domain, etc.

Thank you for all your help!

1 Solution
add additional authoritative domain:

You need to do three things.
 Create MX records for domain2 and domain3 and they should be pointing to domain1 ip address. (Public facing server)
 Create accepted domains in EMC for domain2 and domain3
 Create or new email policy to add these two domains email as SMTP address.
 Once you do all these steps, each user will have 3 email addresses and  you need to set @domain1.com email address as the primary email address
New-AcceptedDomain -DomainName Contoso.com -DomainType Authoritative -Name Contoso
EZTEKAuthor Commented:
@ rr1968:

I tried your steps, as they seem to combine all the necessary steps.
I have the MX record pointing to the same name as my domain 1.

Does it take a while for systems to recognize this change?
I sent an email to my test@domain2.com account, and it fails.

Is there a trace test to see if I am failing somewhere?
EZTEKAuthor Commented:
Worked perfect! My DNS had to update.. and it took about a day or so

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