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We have client who is using JD Edwards internally, version 8 (?). They need to extract data from JDE so we can import it into our application.
We need  list of accounts and daily AR transactions on each account. They are are working on it 8 weeks already and still can not do it.  For our data import we do not need any special formatting, flat file is better, but not required. Client needs be able to run those extracts daily.
Any advice would be appreciated. I do not have any expertise in JDE.
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Lara FEAAsked:
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Remi GelinasConnect With a Mentor DeveloppeurCommented:

You need to take a look at what's possible for the AR module. Please look at this PDF.

There is a section inside that talk about importing data. But ill tell you in advance, it's not an easy setup.

Check page 355. It start as follow

Understanding EDI for Accounts Receivable
As an alternative to using a magnetic tape to receive payment information from the bank, you can set up the
system to receive information electronically using EDI. When you process EDI transactions, you might use a
trading partner and translator software to prepare the records for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tables. After the
information is received in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne EDI tables, you can review and revise it before the
system transfers it to the Electronic Receipts Input table (F03B13Z1).
Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:

Your question is very large. There are many screens where you can see data and there is a lot of reports to print information. But if you intend to extract particular data into a csv format, there is nothing pre-made shipped with JDE. You will have to create a new custom report. If you want to work in excel, you will have to output it into CSV format (accessible at the Report Destination screen when submiting).

If you are not familiar with designing custom report, you will need to read the documentation

Happy coding
Lara FEAAuthor Commented:
You point to oracle document. What database is used by JDE?
Is there any tools to query it directly, not through reports?
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Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:

JDE was bought by Oracle and they now host the documentation. Even though you can run jde on sql server, im pretty sure everyone runs on Oracle database. Of course you could connect directly to the database, but it rise a lot of security issues. As an exemple, the payroll security will be inexistant in the oracle database since it is done inside JDE. If you still want to access it directly, ask your system administrator to create an account. You will need to install the oracle drivers and setup an ODBC connection inside Microsoft Access in order to link your tables and make your queries.
Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:
Another tool you could use (if it is available for you) is the "Databrowser". Inside the web client, once you are connected to JDE, enter the word "databrowser" into the Fast Path input (above the menu).

This will let you query Tables or Business View

You can then use the Export Grid Data function to work your data inside Excel.

Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:
You will find documentation for the databrowser inside this document:

Accessing Data Browser
Type databrowser in the Fast Path. If you type databrowser in the Fast Path, the Query Selector form displays. If you are in an application, you can access the Data Browser by clicking the Tools menu, and then clicking Data Browser. If you access the Data Browser from an application, the Query Selector and the Data Browser forms display. The Query Selector form enables you to select queries, tables, or business views to search for data. The Data Browser form enables you to search for data for a specific table or business view. When you access Data Browser from an application, the only tables and business views on which you can search are those that correspond to the application you are in.
Lara FEAAuthor Commented:
Do you know if each JDE installation has predefined DB schema or each client implementation will be unique? I mean in terms of what table/column particular information is saved.

I'll take a look on links over weekend
Thanks a lot.
Remi GelinasDeveloppeurCommented:
If you are talking about the AR module, you probably want to open the F03B11 table (Customer Ledger). The implementation will be standard.

The list of all possible account will be in F0901 (account master).
Lara FEAAuthor Commented:
How difficult would be import AR data back into JDE? We are doing debit/credit matching for them, deductions and some of the information needs to be imported back to JDE.
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