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cfhttp - access response URL parameters

I am using <cfhttp to login to an interface (passing username and password with <cfhttpparam.

I need to access the URL variables (Query String) of the page displayed after login.  In other words.. if I login manually, after logging in, I am displayed a page which has the session id in the query string. I want to access this query string when logging in via <cfhttp.

Does anyone know if/how I can access the QueryString or URL of the page returned from a cfhttp POST request?

Many Thanks

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My guess - this isn't possible with a cfhttp POST.  If you really needed the functionality, I suspect you'd need a different tool.  It might be possible with java:

If it were a GET request, you'd have options.  (But what login page would use GET? ;-)

May be use can you use TRACE method, insead of "GET" or "POST" method.

Using TRACE method we can get cfide and cftoken from a coldfusion server and you can use those ids to send automated requests to CF server. With cfid and cftoken you get more session details.
That's a good thought.  But I didn't think it works combination with POST.  AFAIK they're mutually exclusive, which might cause a problem.  I'm assuming the redirect only happens when the login is successful.  Meaning the request type would have to be a POST (with those form fields) for there to even be anything to TRACE.
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Yeah, I was thinking about that too.  But I wasn't sure the session would still be valid. Definitely worth trying though, cause I could be wrong.
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Zvonko, I dropped in redirect="No", and voila!!! there was the location var with the url variable I needed!

Thank you!!
You are welcome <|:-)

So the session value referenced is still valid even though the full login (ie redirect) is canceled?  Never know when I might need this in the future, so want to verify it works as desired.
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Correct.  It works exactly as needed..
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Worth pointing out.. I'm not logging into a CF App.. I think it's an old Delphi app..

Great, thanks!

Good point about the app though.  There's probably lots of different handling for sessions.  So it may well vary by platform.