Installed Adobe Acrobat Pro and now my PDF documents prints sideway

I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro.  On screen, the document is perfect.  When I print, it print sideways like a bouklet.  Why?  Can it be solve?
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parent17Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the error.  I did not have the proper driver for my printer.  I had to re install it and it corrected my siways printing.

Thanks for your help.
Open Adobe Acrobat Pro, open a new blank document,
From the File menu select Print Setup
Select Orientation: Portrait
Save the file
Close Adobe

Retry Word
Or in Word Select Print from the File Menu,
Select Printer (Adobe) and click the Properties button
Select the Layout tab
Select Portrait
parent17Author Commented:
Tks but that's not it.  It's still print sideways.
Have you checked you printer preferences/settings to make sure you aren't modifiying the type to booklet there?  My users do that quite often.
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