Looking for a good sll vpn solution with RDP to replace Juniper SA700

I currenty have a juniper SA700 installed and it is working very well for our users. I need to add a RDP solution to the mix. I am very happy with Juniper and I think they are at the Enterprise Level with their security but to add this functionality I would have to move to a SA2500 and more than double my licensing costs. Any other suggestions?
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jmheidebrinkConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ended up spending the extra $ to jump to next level Juniper. Works perfectly.
I'm using sslexplorer:


and I'm very happy.

is a fully-featured, web-based SSL VPN server
You can run RDP, VNC, SSH, Citrix Cllient, access windows shares, Intranet etc.
and the best, it's for free.
jmheidebrinkAuthor Commented:
I am looking for a enterprise hardware based solution.
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