Using VBA how to get real page number from MS Word

Posted on 2010-09-03
Last Modified: 2013-11-25

Using VBA in Word I need to return the "true" page number of a Range.  The code I'm using below is close, but the if the page number is "IV" (i.e. formatted in roman numerals ) it will return a "4"  Is there a way to return the adjusted page number including the format.  The same document may or may not contain multiple page number formats not just roman numerals so it is not just a matter of changing number format.

Function GetPageNumber(ByVal DaRange As Range) As String

    GetPageNumber = DaRange.Information(wdActiveEndAdjustedPageNumber)
End Function

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Question by:eshurak

Expert Comment

ID: 33600101
I'm not sure of a way to do this, but I did find this function which will convert to roman numerals on
Function Decimal2Roman( ByVal intDecimal )

' This Function converts intDecimal to its Roman numeral value.

' Written by: Rob van der Woude,


' intDecimal should be an integer in the range of 1..4999.


' For the Roman numeral "modern" notation is used, i.e. 1999

' will be written as MCMXCIX, not MIM.


' More information on Roman numerals can be found on WikiPedia:


    ' Some housekeeping

    Dim strRoman

    strRoman = ""

    ' First, add an "M" for every multiple of 1000

    Do While intDecimal >= 1000

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 1000

        strRoman = strRoman & "M"


    ' Next, add "CM" for 900, or "D" for 500, or "CD" for 400

    If intDecimal >= 900 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 900

        strRoman = strRoman & "CM"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 500 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 500

        strRoman = strRoman & "D"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 400 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 400

        strRoman = strRoman & "CD"

    End If

    ' Add a "C" for every remaining multiple of 100

    Do While intDecimal >= 100

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 100

        strRoman = strRoman & "C"


    ' Add "XC" for 90, or "L" for 50, or "XL" for 40

    If intDecimal >= 90 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 90

        strRoman = strRoman & "XC"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 50 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 50

        strRoman = strRoman & "L"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 40 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 40

        strRoman = strRoman & "XL"

    End If

    ' Add an "X" for every remaining multiple of 10

    Do While intDecimal >= 10

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 10

        strRoman = strRoman & "X"


    ' Add "IX" for 9, or "V" for 5, or "IV" for 4

    If intDecimal >= 9 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 9

        strRoman = strRoman & "IX"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 5 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 5

        strRoman = strRoman & "V"

    ElseIf intDecimal >= 4 Then

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 4

        strRoman = strRoman & "IV"

    End If

    ' Finally, add an "I" for every remaining multiple of 1

    Do While intDecimal >= 1

        intDecimal = intDecimal - 1

        strRoman = strRoman & "I"



    ' Return the result

    Decimal2Roman = strRoman

End Function

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Accepted Solution

GrahamSkan earned 500 total points
ID: 33602298
I think the simplest way would be to insert a new Page field, capture the text, and then delete it.
Function GetPageNumberDisplay(rng As Range) As String

    Dim fld As Field


    rng.Collapse wdCollapseEnd

    Set fld = ActiveDocument.Fields.Add(rng, wdFieldPage)

    rng.Start = fld.Code.Start - 2

    rng.End = fld.Code.End + 3


    GetPageNumberDisplay = rng.Text


End Function

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Author Comment

ID: 33619589
Thanks for both of your responses.

I'm going to use a modified version of Graham's solution.

It will get any page number format used no matter what Number Style is being used.

I'm also using fld.Result instead of change the rng object to get the page number.
Function GetPageNumberDisplay(rng As Range) As String

    Dim fld As Field


if rng.Sections(1).footers(1).PageNumbers.NumberStyle <> wdPageNumberStyleArabic Then

    rng.Collapse wdCollapseEnd

    Set fld = ActiveDocument.Fields.Add(rng, wdFieldPage)


    GetPageNumberDisplay = fld.Result


    Set fld = Nothing


    GetPageNumber = rng.Information(wdActiveEndAdjustedPageNumber)

End if

End Function

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