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Unable to Access Company Website Internally

The company webiste is hosted by the domain registrar and is accessible outside the company network.  I we try to access the website internally we get a page can't be displayed.  An thought on what could be causing this?

I not able to ping the website internally.
I have checked the firewall and nothing is being blocked
There aren't an DNS entries that would block the website.
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Rich Weissler

When you ping the website address -- does the address resolve to an IP address, or does it fail to resolve the address?  (What messages does ping return?)

Is the website address using the same domain as the domain used inside the network?
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ping request could not find host

The website is:
The domain is: RKB.Local
Okay, the address is not resolving that address.

Looking at the name servers that are suppose to be authoritative for, I get ( and (
At the present time, neither of those addresses are responding to me, which isn't a good sign.

The good news is, you are right ( is responding.

The fact that you are able to get to Expert-Exchange tells me that the DNS from your workstation to your local DNS Server is functional.

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How to proceed from here:  

I suspect you'll need to contact the folks and find out why the two name servers which are suppose to be authoritative for your domain are not currently responding.  I can't get an authoritative response for your domain, which means that as the entry in non-authoritative systems expires, it may be possible that soon no one will be able to access your website.

It may be a temporary outage of the DNS servers... they do respond to pings, just not to DNS... so the problem might resolve itself.
When doing an NSLOOKUP from my DNS I get: rkbs01.rkb.local can't find Non-existent domain

When doing an NSLOOKUP from I get: It resolves to and I can browse to the website from internet explorer.
The problem is in the local DNS.  How do I fix the problem?
You need to create an "A" in your DNS Forward lookup zone called www with  the external IP address of your website within the record. Since your domain name is the same as your external domain name this happens.
I can't create an "A" record because doesn't resolve to  I don't know what IP address resolves to.  The domain and the external domain are not the same.

Domain: rkb.local
Two possible reasons your local domain can't resolve the address.
1) There is a bad entry in the local cache... and you can go into the cache of your local dns server and clear that out.  

2) Okay... good news... now the DNS servers at are responding...  check again to make certain you local DNS servers aren't resolving the address now?
Go into your DNS Forwarders make sure you are using the most updated DNS Forwarders like the and IP addresses run ipconfig /flushdns and in DNS Clear the cache.