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Postfix Server as a gateway

I would like to know how to configure my postfix server to take any system messages and forward them to my Exchange 2007 active directory mailbox.  Does anyone have a few links they could share or explain it?  I tried to setup the Postfix as a relay but not sure if I did it right because no emails are coming to my account.  What needs to be done on the Exchange side as well if anything?

Postfix------->Exchange 2007
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you need to have a receive connector that will accept message from this source
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If this Postfix server is internal do I select internal  in the wizard part of it?
Internal says only accepts from other exchange servers tho.  
I was thinking custom.
Yes custom and make sure you select anonymous for the permissions group
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on the postfix server edit the file /etc/aliases

have an entry

root:     your@email.local

/etc/postfix/transport    smtp:[]

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

where "" is your servername,
"email.local" is your email domain name is the ip address of your exchange server

nothing needs to be done on the exchange side.

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Just curious because I was told you had to configure outlook connector to accept ehlo rather than helo
> Just curious because I was told you had to configure outlook connector to accept ehlo rather than helo

That's just plain wrong on so many levels.
Outlook does not accept ehlo or helo, as it doesn't receive mail by SMTP.
Oulook would already use EHLO when sending email via SMTP.

You could have root's mail delivered into a mailbox on the postfix server and have the exchange server or the outlook client collect it with POP3 or IMAP.
Both require more work than the above solution.
Sounds like youre right on that.  Well Exch 07 supports both dynamically so it doesnt even matter.  One issue I am having was I am getting an error message regarding the transport db file.

Sep 10 16:24:14 Monitor postfix/master[1183]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/trivial-rewrite: bad command startup -- throttling
Sep 10 16:25:14 Monitor postfix/trivial-rewrite[10866]: fatal: open database /etc/postfix/transport.db: No such file or directory

I did what you said to a T.  But says it cant find the transport.db
I went into command line and saw it indeed did not exist.  What must I install to fix this?