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Would like to successfully filter data then calculate the average

Hello,  I had a previous question whereas it was suggested to create a view to calculate and sort on the average.  I have a view with the calculated average, but to do an average, you need to do a group by.  I have created one view(MT_VIEW) which has all the the information I need from previous joins.  I am able to list the correct data based on what value has been given for the different parameters (date, title, segment, id_namecode, name, question1,....question30).
 I would like to be able to see the average for example, question5.  But, I am to build an an average column in the same MT_VIEW?  I know that after the filtering, I would want to list the name based on the average (highest to lowest).  Do I build a new view for averages only?  If I do that, I will need to group and I would need to make certain that for a specific date range, segment, etc that I get those averages only.  Any suggestions on what to do?  Maybe I missed the entire point of a View??
Thank you in advance.
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