Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't list Outlook 2010 as a sync option

I have a Blackberry Tour which is up to date on software, and Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 Professional - 32 bit.
When I use Desktop Manager to sync contacts or calendar with the BBY the Outlook 2010 option simply isn't listed (just Yahoo and ASCII).
I have my Outlook pst on the D drive instead of C, but apart form that can't think of a reason (and still can't think of a solution).
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quentinpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed it – problem was Click To Run:
I followed these instructions exactly and it worked.  
Found the answer here: 
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I f you don't use IMAP account you cannot sync using desktop manager it is recommenced that you will export to csv and after import from csv 
quentinpAuthor Commented:
I don't think this is right re Outlook, so I'm not interested in a time consuming CSV work-around for a problem I don't have.

" For example, Microsoft's Outlook client uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange Server server as does IBM's Notes client when communicating with a Domino server, but all of these products also support POP, IMAP, and outgoing SMTP." 

Outlook supports IMAP according to the above.  And it should appear as a sync option - it has with previous versions, and it is supported in this configuration according to BBY.   I am using POP3 mailboxes (if that makes any difference), and in any case I am trying to sync contacts and calendars.....
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Tell me are you using hotmail connector or did you setup the accounts manually?

I'm asking cause if you configure manually it should sync normally.
if you using hotmail connector it will not be possible.
quentinpAuthor Commented:
Well, I installed Outlook 2010 normally.  I didn't use a hotmail connector for anything.

The problem itself is quite simple:
Install Outlook 2010 and import my existing pst file (all email accounts etc work OK).  THere are appointments and contacts in Outlook.
Install BBY DM 6
Connect BBY
DM sees the BBY, it can sync files and transfer stuff to and from the handheld.
Go into the syncronisation of organiser data.
Try to configue "configure settings".
No Outlook 2010 as an option.  Just Yahoo and ASCII.

For some reason BBY doesn't know that Outlook is even there.

i don't know f the solution is simple, though......
Did you have a problem with earlier versions of desktop manager before?
and also what was installed before outlook or desktop manager?
quentinpAuthor Commented:
Version 5 of DM worked with Office 2007.
Version 6 of DM supports Outlook 2010 - officially.......

So I had it working with previous versions.

Before DM I installed Firefox, Roboform, a keystroke generator  and that was about it
Version 6 of DM is working with Outlook 2010 for me and also DM 5 was working with 2010 no problem.

what i'm thinking is that probably outlook 2010 (office 2010 ) was installed after DM and maybe his is why it's not recognizing outlook
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