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BES 4.1 BB 9700 Contact Sync Issue

Have a SBS 2003 Server running BES 4.1 with 2 users connected.
Only one of the users is complaining that contacts are not syncing for about 5 weeks.
On the BES server I can see that under User Properties / PIM Sync for that user that address book is set to True on the Server and False on the device, on the BB 9700 device under contacts and Options / desktop it shows wireless sync is off OFF.
How can I get this re-enabled on the BB 9700, will resending the IT policy get this to turn on, on the handset, seems that perhaps is memo's arnt syncing as well, his email/Calender is fine on the BB
Refer to image of PIM settings for the user in question.
On the other user that is fine both are set to true.

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2 Solutions
You should be able to change the Contact Sync to On in the 9700.
Then do a restart of the handheld. then it should start syncing.
Unless you can't change the Wireless Sync in Contact in the 9700.
but usually, if that is not able to sync, then it should display Not Available, instead of Off.

it-proAuthor Commented:
Just double checked with the client on the BB 9700 Under contacts / options / desktop / wireless synch shows "Not available" and is grayed out and he cannot change it.
Is there not a way to force it to ON from the BES server ?
If Wipe the Handheld is possible, then I would recommend to do a Wipe and re-do the Enterprise Activation again.

I don't think that can be forced from the BES 4.0

If Wipe isn't possible. Then I have a couple suggestion

1) in BES, see if you can do Resend Service Books.

2) In the Blackberry, go into Settings->Security Options->Information scroll all the way down to Services: It should highlight Desktop [sxxxxxxx]
Then press the menu key (the Blackberry key) then choose Regenerate Encryption Key)

3) In the BB9700, in Settings->Options->Advanced Options->Enterprise Activation
hold down the alt key, and type in cnfg, there should have a configuration screen pop up.
Change the Wireless Sync from Yes to No. Return, and say Save.
then wait for a couple minutes, then go into that Configuration page again and change the Wireless Sync from No to Yes. then it will force the handheld to do another Enterprise Activation, which is initiated from the Handheld, no password needs to be set in BES.

Hope this help, I really prefer wipe and redo activation.
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it-proAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, if I do the wipe and re-activation, I would take a back up before I do the wipe, then would I restore data and redo enterprise activation or redo enterprise activation then restore data, or does it not matter the sequence it is done in ?
Do the activation first then do the data restore.
This way, you know if the EA runs ok.
The BES stops syncing contacts when an empty contact exists in his outlook client. If that's the case, delete the empty contact from his outlookclient and you are good to go.
it-proAuthor Commented:
A resync was the only way to resolve the issue at hand, tried various suggestions.
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