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ESET Nod 32 - Any good for company of 70 PC's (had trial issues)

I have been trialling and going live test installation of ESET Nod32 over the last week as recommended by experts in this news groups as requiring a small footprint. The company has about 70 workstations.

This week I had 10 PC's live with it and the server application installed. However it seems ESET had a major issue as I lost contact to all the PCs remotely to which is was installed.
This caused great stress and hassle and only visiting the client (At great cost and time consumed) the following day as a bit of an emergency did I learn that a faulty update had caused the problem.

On pointing out that in 6 year  mcafee no issues and within 5 days eset causes a MAJOR issue I was assured by ESET this is the FIRST time anything like this has happened and it is just bad luck.

(link to issue:

I want to see if other experts have found this to be the case.
Also while generally helpful I find their support staff vague. E.g. I have an email from one say, "you probably need to do xxx" and "I think you should try this but if this does not work then try this instead and but if that fails call us"

When a balloon message popped up once saying "Attention needed by Nod32" when I happened to be on the phone to them but when I clicked it all was well, the support person said something like "oh yes, that's a little bug. Rarely happens but does sometimes" (At this point I had been trialling for about 48 hours.

As always to trial you have to learn a lot of time to learn. I like ESET and previously posted so however I'm wondering if there is a bit of flakiness and un professionalism about it.

Look forward to other opinions. I'm still in trial and don't want to but could switch to using Sophos instead which I'm told is low foot print.

Many thanks
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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:

I have been using ESET for 2 years.  I also had the problem this week with a faulty update, but this is the first problem that I've had in 2 years.  It is truly low footprint, doesn't slow down even the oldest PCs too much.  It easy to configure, the Remote Administrator tool is great, you can see which PCs on your network are on, and if they are off how long they have been turned off.  The remote install proceedure works well, I never have to visit PCs to do update of either the software or definitions.

I would recommend this product, it is also cheaper than other solutions.

Don't let the faulty update issue from this week put you off, I scratched my head for a while wondering why users had a network slow down issue, but soon as a I found the article ESET had already written an article explaining what happened, and explaining updating to newest definition and restarting would fix.  What I also liked, they developed a tool to fix the issue on network servers without needing a restart.  How many other AV companies could you honestly say would have moved so fast to develop a fix, and gone as far as a separate tool for servers to avoid having to restart?

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Personally, I've started using Sunbelt's VIPRE (VERY inexpensive).  I recently likened it to Symantec in that they are somewhat on the cutting edge of development, meaning I've seen the product (at one client in particular) have some issues with PCs, but it's UNLIKE symantec in that VIPRE ACTUALLY PROTECTS YOU.  It does seem to be more effective than others.  And I have it installed at several clients without any real issues.  I had one client using NOD32 and I found it ineffective, especially on web site drive by downloads and it also hit some false positives on other malware unrelated security products.  (We switched them to VIPRE about 6 months ago - no issues since).
An issue fixed with update and restart I would not call it major. Few years ago an anti-virus company published an update which has detected all exe files as infected with virus and result was thousands of computers with no exe files... ...that I would call a major issue.
I have some clients using NOD32 and they didn't even bother to call me, as the they have solved the problem by restarting the computers.
I'm not really happy with NOD32 administraton tools. I was used to Trend micro - they have developed really great and simple administration tools, far better than NOD32. But the problem is that TM slows down computers...
I have used Sophos, Mcafee, Symantec, Trend Micro, NOD32. Any one of them was great at/for certain period of time. Untill now NOD32 had great reputation. I hope it will remain so for a long time, as I'm not in the mood to change antivirus product again.
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I have been using ESET Nod32 for nearly 4 years and never had any issues with it, actually it saved me numerous times by removing various threats when other anitivirus products failed.
Therefore, I wouldn't like to change it because of a single mishap (by the way, which AV company didn't have it?), but I would rather look into past performance, which is clearly visible at www.virusbtn.com over the last 12 years, from an independant third party.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I will add that EVERYONE has their preferences and bad experiences and good experiences.  Independent third party reviews are, in general and in my opinion, garbage when it comes to malware protection.  Talk to people in the community and get a idea from them.  The independent reviews have a tendency to claim Symantec is at least good if not great... yet in my experience, every major virus outbreak I've had to recover from has been on a network "protected" by symantec.  And they have a nasty tendency to have problems with Windows - more so than others... So while any single iteration of Symantec product may be fine under CERTAIN conditions, that need for specific conditions combined with the lack of effectiveness makes me STRONGLY recommend against them while the third parties claim they are good.

Anyway, I've only had one install of Nod32 and it didn't seem to work all that well... In fairness, if my first install of VIPRE had been at the client with issues, I probably would like that either.  

As for McAfee - I always thought they were pretty effective... just a huge resource hog over the last few years.
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Id also recommend against symantec.  difficult to manage, ineffective, more costly than other solutions.

davorin - what issues did you face with the NOD32 administration tools?  I like them a lot, mostly because the clients check in with the server when they are available.  You can set a task, such as client update, on demand scan etc, and it the client picks up that task and runs it when they connect.  You don't need access to the client via admin$ shares or anything like other products use.  Other tools such as symantec one ive used in the past, you can set a task against 10 pcs, but you dont know whether they are online or not- you then wait for the error timeout to occur, and have to run it again against the machines that are onlein - then remember to run it again for the others.

the ESET Remote administrator console also lets you set each and every settings that the software supports centrally, and have different policies set for different machines.  I set my domain local PCs to sync from one update server via ESET Mirror, remote PCs to download straight from internet, and also laptop users to update directly from internet so that when they are roaming they still get latest definitions.

I don't think I have any complains, even with the update issue this week.

Also, pricing - just looked, online 30 is the max number you can purchase in one hit, but this over 3 years works out at ~£9 per PC.  very cheap for the protection it offers.  Purchasing 70 licenses, price will be lower again.
@markusdamenous: That is in comparison to Trend micro - using that products I got lazy ;)

Examples: If I wanted to add licenses for additional users or prolong the existing licenses, all I had to do was to place an order to reseller. Next day if I have checked console I could see increased number of licenses or extended registration date.
If I upgraded from one major version to another (5 to 6), all I had to do was upgrading server components.
That took me 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes for checking old configuration for safety and setting new options. One or two hours later I have just checked console, to see if all clients have been upgraded to new version. As there was no shutdown required so I had always done upgrades during working hours and users didn't even noticed that.
Administrative console could be accessed from every computer as it is web based....

And I agree with leew's "EVERYONE has their preferences"

And... I'm trying to forget Panda. Because of that was not on my previous list of AV vendors.
Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDANASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
Hello afflik1923,

   As everyone has stated here, "Everyone has their preferences", and I like Comodo Endpoint Security Manager for my PCs. Below is the link:


  It is nothing like Symantec or Nod32, which I have found both to be resource hogs, as well as makers of clunky interfaces that leave a Network Admin pleading for GUI simplicity.

  In addition to Comodo being user friendly the price for Endpoint Security Manager is certainly cost effective, not to mention that it comes with great support, if needed. Likewise the cost of "free" for personal and business use of their firewall with integrated AV, is simply awesome because it works so well.

 In short Comodo is just hard to beat. Take care and I hope you give them a try.

My personal preference for managing any number of workstations is Vipre Enterprise and Vipre Enterprise Premium. Very small footprint, incredibly easy to manage and... it works great. It is policy based so you can very easily deploy it with different policies based on the role of the PC (One policy for desktops, one for file servers, one for email servers, one for laptops etc.... Incredibly powerful and affordable.
Same here. Eset for 2 years and no issues whatsoever.

You also get the ESET Remote Administrator Console where you see the status of each station, push updates and upgrades, etc.

Also a light app.

afflik1923Author Commented:
Interesting comments and many thanks for ALL the input here. So far despite the blip all going well with ESET.
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