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HP 1020 Windows 7 Professional

I have been trying to remove the drivers for an HP LJ 1020. In Print Management, when i try to remove the driver package, it get an error message "Failed to remove driver HP LaserJet 1020. The specified printer driver is currently in use". I have researched this one to death and am completely out of ideas.
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I searched internet, and solution seems to be unchecking bidirectional printer port.
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I guess I should have mentioned that option is greyed out. Also, test prints clear the spooler but nothing prints out at all.
The driver is hostbased. Host-based printing differs from PCL printing by computing the print job on the host computer, rather than computing the print job in the formatter.

Is it a parallel printer?
The HP LJ 1020 is a USB printer.
And it's not your default printer atm right?
It is not my default printer atm since I cannot print to it and am trying to remove drivers etc.... so I can reinstall. Thus the reason for posting my question. The essential questin here is that, when I try to remove the drivers via Print Management, I get an error message that the drivers cannot be removed since they are in use.... The printer is completely unplugged (Both USB and Power) and has been rebooted.
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4 easy steps:

1. Go to "Devices and printers"
2. Delete the printer from there.
3. Open "Print Management" select All drivers
4. Delete the desired printer.

Proven to work :)
I've done all that and, in the last step it refuses as previously stated stating the file is in use. Printer is unplugged and USB  in unplugged, PC was rebooted before I tried for a second time. Perhaps I had not made myself clear enough. I agree that those steps do usually work but not in this case.... I am perplexed....
The few times I worked with this printer, and researched it, I had to somehow delete the file zsr.dll, and in one case I set up the printer manually by defining it as an HP LJ 6. I could not obtain the older drivers referred to that did not have that zsr.dll file.

You probably already read the link below, but in case not:
Yes I had read that reference in some detail. Problem is it really did not refer to Win7 X64. My latest research brought me here:

I found 2 DriverStore entries for this printer. One of them deleted with no problem, the other returned an error . Something to do with not being an installed oemX.inf..... Same issue, cannot delete the driver package with Print Management snapin. I was able to rename a couple of found instances of the zsr.dll but not being able to delete that last driverstore folder makes this a pointless procedure.

On Tuesday7, I will boot to a booteable CD and delete that remaining driverstore folder and report back on what happens next...
Hey hows it going over here?
Try this:

1. Open the Device manager. Right click Computer>Manage>Device Manager.
2. Click on View>Show Hidden Devices, that should give you a list of all your Devices
3. See if the printer appears there, I think it only appears if it was installed locally(NOT network)
4. Right click and uninstall.

I did finally boot to CD and manually removed the driverstore (Actually moved it to another storage location). This made absolutely no difference... In fact it caused a problem and I had to restore the data.

dufyd, I did do the hidden device thing as part of my regular diagnostics. I have a small batch file that I run for that purpose... No go there either ie Device in use."

Just seems like such a waste of time but I feel challenged by anything I cannot get my head around. I cannot seem to identify just what dll is in use. If I knew, I think I would be able to resolve. Whatever it is even loads in Safe Mode so it is probably something hidden behind another process
Did you try manually creating an HP LJ6 printer? That solved a problem for me at one time, but it was Windows XP.

That is exactly what I tried to do. Step 1 of the process you refer to reads as follows:

"Get rid of old unsuccessful installation attempts to install the drivers: Open Print Managment (type “print managment” in the “search for programs and files” box on the start menu). Right click any instance of HP 1020 drivers and click “Remove Driver Package”. If it says that the printer is in use and can’t be deleted, restart your computer and then try again."

I cannot get past this very first step. Rebooting the computer doesn't help. I still get the message that the printer is in use and can't be deleted....   BTW, before someone asks... there are no stuck files in the spooler.
There is a somewhat tedious procedure to manually download the HP 6L driver for Windows 7. You click on Devices and Printers, Add a Printer, Add a Local Printer, Use and Existing Port, Accept LPT1,
and then choose the button Windows Update (it is on that menu), and wait a number of minutes for the list of additional printer drivers to appear. After downloading the HP 6L driver and letting it install, and not choosing to share it on a network, you will still need to edit it to use USB instead of LPT1. I don't have the printer to go further along but using an HP 6 printer driver fixed a problem I had in my offices.
OK, now remember my 4 easy steps?

1. Go to "Devices and printers"
2. Delete the printer from there.
3. Open "Print Management" select All drivers
4. Delete the desired printer.

how far on this do you get? can you erase the printer in devices and printers, does it show up?
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