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Circle slideshow not working in IE?

I am having trouble with my slideshow in IE. The slide show works fine but I had to crop the pictures into circles because I have a viewing area that is a circle. Well in IE it is showing the corners of the picture in white even though the pictures are in png transparent format.

I am not sure what the problem is.

I have added a picture below and here is a sample link:
In the picture look in the top right corner of the picture.

Tony User generated image
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Try setting the style for class slideshow as background:none;
and also add a new style, Just for a checking
.slideshow img
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Thanks but that didn't work.
can u please attach all slideshow images here? so i can have a look at them
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Try to use the image which i attached here instead of those u used.
if it doesnt work try using gif images.
Non of that worked either but thanks anyway.
I am sorry that i cant help you, but there will be some expert who can help you in this case. There will be a solution for your problem, Hope for the best. Wish you all the best