ISA2006 to TMG site-to-site VPN L2TP not working

I have tried to set up a L2TP site to site VPM using a pre-shared key between my office (TMG 2010) and my home (ISA2006).

I have followed this blog -> 

I cannot get either side to connect. The user account I am using is a Domain account:
Here are my specs firewall specs:

Office TMG2010
External IP:
Internal IP range: ~
user: vpnmain
domain: Office
Authentication: L2TP
pre-shared key: letmein

Home ISA 2006
External cluster VIP:
NLB members range: ~
Internal IP range: ~
user: vpnmain
domain: Home
Authentication: L2TP
pre-shared key: letmein

What am I missing?

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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use local accounts on the TMG machine sthemselves.
Re-read the article carefully.  The account name spelling must machine the network name of the VPN Network created.  You will be creating two networks, on each side,...don't reuse the same name on each.
The location of the network -vs- the location of the accoutn is always confusing to most (me as well).  I believe the account created locally on one side must match the network name create on the other TMG, but double check that because ometimes I still get it backwards
Main Office TMG
VPN Network = branch1
Local Account = hqoffice
Remote TMG1
VPN Network = hqoffice
Local Account = branch1
Windows Event logs will indicate if you got it right.  If there is a "login failure" the Windows Event Log will show it.
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