SSIS: Scope of OnError Event Handler

My SSIS package uses a connection string populated by a user defined variable.

I want to put an event handler on the connection manager to execute a task when there is an error with the connection string.

I have tried placing my task in the OnError Event Handler.

Here is the problem...........I have testing it with a bad connection string but the error seems to be generated before the OnError has a chance to capture the problem.

Can anybody help?
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Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in Event handler tab,
set Executable with package (select  package name )
this means that on error will raise on every task in the package, and now you can find the error location exactly
Mr_ShawAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a go when I get into the office on monday.. thanks for the tip.
Reza RadCommented:
I think you got your answer in TechNET. am I right?
Mr_ShawAuthor Commented:
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