Center align level 2 of a superfish menu utilizing the new native wordpress3 menu system

Greetings Experts!

I have applied Superfish dropline styling to a menu generated by WordPress 3's new native menu generator at  The challenge is to effect the appearance via css alone since the xhtml is generated dynamically.

Currently level two menu items are display by default as desired except that the whole row of them aligns to the left instead of centering below the parent item.  

Any suggestions on how to align the level two menu items centered below their parent or at least in the center of the full width?

Thanks in advance.
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FahdmurtazaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think starting from line 40 where you see this line


If you change it to


that would be better as you page's navigation main links are right aligned.

Fahd Murtaza
ul#menu-primary-menu ul.sub-menu li {
border-top:medium none;

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Also you can try this jquery method as well. Thid would give you more precise control

You can also follow the same CSS for your existing wordpress 3.0 menu.

Good luck.

Fahd Murtaza
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