Citrix Cached User Profiles are not getting synced between Citrix servers

Posted on 2010-09-04
Last Modified: 2013-11-21
Hello Everyone;

We have 2 Citrix XenApp Server (CTX01 and CTX02) - we enabled TS Roaming profile and it is working but not for everybody.

From my understanding you set a path for the TS Roaming profile for the USER via AD and when the user login to Citrix it will create a Cached Profile on the local Citrix Server. then when the USER logoff all changes made should be replicated to other cached profiles on other Citrix servers in the Farm and back to USER TS Roaming profile in the end.

in our case ... Changes on the user profile is not getting replicated or synced between Citrix servers. Thus the user make changes on CTX01   i.e on MS Word or Excel such as removing Toolbar or changing Fonts and exit /log off.  

when he log back in to CTX02 the user will not see any changes.

Can someone advice on how we can fix this. There is no Errors in the event viewer about this at all.  
Question by:atigris
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Expert Comment

ID: 33606739
Let's start with your event viewer on the CTX boxes. Are there any errors?

Next I would not have set this on the user's profile. I would instead create a GPO on the OU for the CTX boxes and then enforce the policy here.

The reason is because the user profile between the user's workstation and your CTX could be very different and this can cause rather large profiles to be sync'd.  

Author Comment

ID: 33608032
1. - I have created a new OU called it CPM (Citrix Profile Manager) and moved some test accounts as well as the CTX computer object to the OU.

2. - Created a new GPO to set the path based on this article:

3. run gpupdate /force on the AD, CTX01 & CTX02.

But now the profiles are still getting created randomly


test2 account will be created based on the GPO defined path and cached profile will be created on CTX01 but not CTX02

test3 account will NOT be created based on the GPO defined path and cached profile will be created on CTX01 but not CTX02

    * No errors what so ever on the eventviewer for all servers.

    * I also set file redirection for "My Documents" folder and I can see it in the event eventviewer redacting but to where? the file is not even getting created for test3??

    * Also on the GPO I set the cached profile to be deleted but it is totally not working.

I was hoping I can get this to work so I can move a head and implement Citrix Profile Manager and end this hassle.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.,
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Expert Comment

ID: 33618298
Why use a GPO for the Roaming profile instead of just adding the path to the user's AD account?  We just enter the roaming profile path in the terminal services roaming profile tab of the user's account in Active Directory.

But, to see why the GPO isn't applying, run the Group Policy results wizard from the group policy console, or you can run gpresult or RSOP on the command line when logged on as the user.  This should tell you whether or not the policy is being applied. If it's not, it will tell you why (like access denied).

Here's a MS article on running RSOP from the command line:

Since this policy is linked to an OU where the computer is, have you enabled Loop back policy processing on that GPO?

I hope this helps,

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Expert Comment

ID: 33618363
My reason; you want your CTX roaming profile to be fast and be bloted with all the stuff users will try to roam with.

This is why in my environment, I created a policy for roaming priles that is separate for CTX and one that specific to desktop/laptop roaming profiles.

Author Comment

ID: 33619714
OK, So I have created a new path for my TS Roaming profile I simply followed the doc which works the same way for Win2K3 and it is working now as it suppose to.

I created few test accounts and login to citrix and I can see the profiles getting created correctly on the TS Roaming profile path on the file server.

The issue remains: on both citrix servers I can't see the Cached Profiles. There is no errors what so ever in the event viewer of both Citrix servers.

This is so frustrating and I start running our of ideas.

- I used the RSoP report suggested by Spike99 on both of my Citrix servers and I found that the TS Roaming GPO is getting applied on both Citrix servers.

- I did not create Loop back policy .. I'm afraid that will make it worst.

- I may end up trying to do what nappy_d did by creating a GPO on each CTX box to do the Roaming and see if that works. But I still don't understand why it dose not work?

I moved the CTX servers to the OU were all the GPO is being applied but still no luck.

Any ideas / suggestions are highly appreciated.,

Author Comment

ID: 33620869
OK I have re-enforced the policy on both CTX servers few times and now I'm able to create Cached Profiles on both servers.

when I logoff CTX01 the profile will be deleted automatically

when I logoff CTX02 the profile will be NOT be deleted automatically

Also any changes I make  on the application let us say I add a toolbar to MS Word. and loggoff the changes will not be saved, This is true for both servers.

I have UPH clean running on both servers.
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Expert Comment

ID: 33621050

Any reason you are not making making the profile be deleted from CTX02?

Also, You should make the profile be deleted at logoff from either server.  Especially in a multi-node environment, the user will always have the most upto date profile and it's settings.

The loopback policy will not make it worse but rather it will make sure that a single policy is enforced on your CTX boxes.  This is desired if you have differing policies between your regular environment and your CTX environment.

I will post a sample of my policy

Author Comment

ID: 33621137
Thanks nappy_d:

- This is actually the problem I'm having right now. I don't know why the profile will not be deleted automaticlly out of CTX02.

- The other issue I'm having problem with is the profile will not save any chnages.

- I will try to implemnt the  loopback policy tonight,

Any ideas / suggestions are highly appreciated.,

Author Comment

ID: 33621152
Thanks nappy_d:

- This is actually the problem I'm having right now. I don't know why the profile will not be deleted automatically on CTX02.

- The other issue I'm having problem with is the profile will not save any changes.

- I will try to set the  loopback policy tonight,

Any ideas / suggestions are highly appreciated.,
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Expert Comment

ID: 33622239

Author Comment

ID: 33666741
Thanks very much for your help nappy_d; I will be checking the settings shortly. We are re-designing our infrastructure as we are removing many OUs and merging other OUs. This will take some time. I will get back to your guys on this soon.

Accepted Solution

atigris earned 0 total points
ID: 33996365
- The issue was happening because we published Citrix Streamed Applications that intend to create files with very long names in the users Radecache. This cause the profile to brake and unable to update/ replicate the changes to the main user profile on the file server.  

- Citrix advices us with few solutions non one of them worked, So we ended up installing the apps locally on the Citrix Server.

- Right now we are using script to delete the Cached User Profiles (I have attached a copy of it) If the files are in use then we will let HUPclean takes care of it.

- The script runs when the users logoff the system, it will run after the user log off the session.

Thanks for everyone assistance in this regard.

Const LocalDocumentsFolder = "v:\Documents and Settings\"

Set objFSO = createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(localdocumentsfolder)

On Error Resume Next

For Each fldr in objFolder.SubFolders
If Not isexception( Then
objFSO.DeleteFolder fldr.path, True
End If

Function isException(ByVal foldername)
Select Case foldername
Case "All Users"
isException = True
Case "Default User"
isException = True
Case "LocalService"
isException = True
Case "NetworkService"
isException = True
Case "Administrator"
isException = True
Case Else
isException = False
End Select
End Function

Open in new window


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