Sound Blaster Audigy Recording Inputs Showing "Unavailable" in Win 7

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

Have Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS installed.

Used to run L-R audio lines in to Aux inputs on front bezel and record through "What You Hear" inputs and I could hear the audio on my speakers as it was playing on cassette tapes.

Now I hear nothing and when I go to Control Panel / Sounds / Recording Tab, it shows "What You Hear"  and other Creative inputs as "Currently Unavailable."

Went to Creative Labs website, got the latest driver for Win 7 with this card.

Still no difference, does not record, showing Unavailable.

Playback seems to work OK, just recording not working.

Which way from here?

thank you..

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'll try and assist you, I'm running windws 7 Professional Dont think 64 or 32 bit applies to this problem.
I used to have  Creative Audigity on XP but nolonger
first which is the default audio sockets for your soundcard?
refs to>>Used to run L-R audio lines in to Aux inputs on front bezel
Try using the rear audio sockets, windows should throw up a small popup window showing which audio sockets are plugged and it should flash
everytime you move the audio cable
included snapshot
so it must be either the front ports dont work with Creative try using the back direct to the sound card
front ports usually an added cable running from the rear to the front
once windows detects the cables your halfway there

With other area and recording you might run into troubles again.
I find it has to do with the different audio options for playback and recording
I use Audacity  now with the stereo mix to record what I hear in my speakers, but in order to playback in Audacity I have to change the audio device between the recording and playback.
So take a look in the Media Source audio recording settings which audio device is it set to use
see if this assists as I dont have the Media Source here on W7
Recording with Audigy 2 and MediaSource,Kb=ww_english_add,Company={D0F19C16-3B20-4E69-BC69-7F708173173D},VARSET=ws:,VARSET=ws:,case=6728

Here's all the snaps of my audio settings in Audacity and windows sounds devices
(1) popup when I unplug my PC speakers<< you should see this if not that's the problem

(2) windows direct-sound digital output in Audacity for recording
(3) Switch over to>Windows Directsound Speakers for Playback in Audacity
(4) the stereomix default recording in Windows Sounds Recording.
(5) Default setting windows sounds >Audio playback>Speakers.. nothing to do with Audacity,

syd_rabin--Is the new driver for 64 bit?
syd_rabinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the details.  I'm really stumped here.

 Not sure how, but since before, I have the "What U Hear" setting enabled and set as the default Recording Device in Win 7 (see pix 1)...within that setting, if I click on Properties and then the Listen Tab, it shows Listen for What U Hear as the Speakers for Audigy (pix 2) (which are working otherwise), but I get NO captured audio (from LP or cassette input via RCA cables) coming through speakers.  I've tried to plug input cables into L-R Aux in on front bezel of Audigy, on Line In 2 / Mic in 2 on front bezel of Audigy and tried the back input(s) too. Getting nothing.  This used to work on XP!   You can also see from pix 3 that the default speakers are set to SB Audigy (which otherwise works for audio from CD audio or video from sources such as You Tube, etc.

I'm thinking this must be a Windows 7 issue.  Also, I don't have the RealTek HD Audio available is a Recoding device as you do.  I believe that must be built in audio, enable in BIOS, which I do have turned on.  All other Recording devices besides "What U Hear" are showing as unavailable.

Tried Audacity, but when I set Recording Devices under Preferences, nothing is picking up the sounds.  I do believe I need to hear the sound through my speakers before anything else is going to work.

Thanks for your help here, this is frustrating.
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syd_rabinAuthor Commented:
oops, I forgot to attach the three pictures.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That look ok all settings look correct in both even though it's slightly different
In refs to>>but I get NO captured audio (from LP or cassette input via RCA cables) coming through speakers< ok
what media player are you using?
Try using a media player such as winamp, it's outside of windows and thyat way it plays through your speakers
also I have never used rca to attach an external device, what audio line in supports RCA?
is this the cable your using?

when I recorded my records/ cassettes using Creative Soundblaster media source in XP and here in windows 7 I used audacity
from a turntable and an all in one amp with twin cassettes
I used a 3.5mm Audio Cable from the headphones line out jack on the amp to my PC speakers line
I put a 3.5mm Stereo Headset with Double Adapter there so I could hear my PC speakers as well

if you use any other line in on your PC it is not using what you hear on speakers
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the audio cable oops I missed the url
so if you can visualize one end is connected to the double adapter alongside my PC speakers the other is inserted into the headphones jack line out on the amp
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using an AMP?
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok we have one difference in the listen settings in the stereo mix propertiesI have mine set to listen through my sound card,
 if you think about it creative needs to listen through your sound card as well
what's the sound card drivers you have in the list there?

syd_rabinAuthor Commented:
I had to finally come to the conclusion that my Audigy card is malfunctioning and I had move forward and branch around this situation by procuring a USB input device called INport which ultimately worked, enabling me to capture analog audio for a client.   Appreciate all the help with this.  Not sure what to do regarding the resolution outcome and point award here in Experts Exchange.  I'm open for suggestions.

Hi syd_rabin rule of thumb here if you feel any suggestiosn assisted you to find a solution then accept that comment, the emphasis here is the Exchange so others can use these questions to find assistance.
Malfunctioning card sorry to hear that.
Glad to know you resolved it though.
All the best
syd_rabinAuthor Commented:
B grade only because I finally determined that the card may be malfunctioning (I had to get something going, so I procured another hardware solution).  The information and possible solution was excellent and well-thought out.
Great job.
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