Windows Update Error in WM 6.5 into 6.5.3

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to upgrade my current WM 6.5 Pro into 6.5.3 ROM using the default Windows Update on the device, but somehow i got this error whenever I'm trying to check the update.

see the detailed screenshot for further error message and my device info.

Any kind of help for updating the OS into 6.5.3 Pro would be greatly appreciated.

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you are welcome, i have an htc hd2 and that site is really cool, lot of updates, plus some of the devices can run android OS from the SD card, without having to loose wm, i have used some of those with android 2.2 froyo and really help bring new life to your device, great community over there.
windows update its not enabled on wm devices, you should try to find official updates on your carrier or manufacturer website.

you can find more info searching for the error code 80072ee7
for example

you could also try to find unofficial custom rom's and more info on how to flash them to your device on XDA, these roms almost all the time are a lot better than the officials but you need to read a lot to not brick your device.

jjozAuthor Commented:
ah ok, thanks man :-o) I'll try that website first and look for custom ROM for my mobile then.
jjozAuthor Commented:
wow thanks man !
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