Unable to renew ip address in XP Pro

After cleaning an XP Pro desktop PC from a virus, the lan adaptor is now not able to get its ip from the DHCP server.
If I try to repair the connection, it fails with an error of Unable to renew ip address.

I have tried uninstalling the adaptor and then reinstalling with the latest drivers, but this does not cure the problem

IF i give a static address it functions normally, but I want to user DHCP on this machine as I often use it at different locations.
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sayed_maherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your network card is not on-board, ie: its a pci network card, try this:

1) Turn off your computer and remove any power to it
2) Open up your computer
3) Remove the network card that is in the white PCI slot,
4) Install it the same way it was installed onto _ANOTHER_ pci slot, ie: other then the one it was installed in
5) Close the computer and power up
6) It will ask you to install drivers, go ahead and do that.
7) Attempt to get DHCP.

The logic: Very often Viruses will attack the config of devices which is defined by a few things like the device id, irq, driver, etc. If one of these values changes, the virus is dumb, it doesnt know what to do, so it does nothing. This may or may not work If it doesnt work, please try:

1) Open control panel
2) Go to add remove programs
3) Click on Add/remove windows components
4) Uninstall "Internet Information Services" or TCP/IP
5) Reboot your computer
6) Go BACK to the same place, and then re-install Internet Information Services or TCP/IP

This should fix your DHCP problem.

good luck.
Is the DHCP Client service running?
optomaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you run Combofix if not done and post its log
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FrimtonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chukko and Optoma

The DHCP service is running.

I will run Combofix and attach the log.  (It may be tomorrow!)
If combofix doesn't find/clean anything new or it still doesn't get a DHCP address you might try to reinstall the TCP/IP
Also, some searching found a possible solution.  It's worth a try if nothing else fixes it.
Rename your Computer and change the Workgroup Name.  If in a Domain then remove from domain, change computer name and rejoin Domain.  Reboot as needed.  It worked for some people.
FrimtonAuthor Commented:
Combofix log attached
Combofix removed some other junk.

Can you check the Lan card properties>Is Internet Protocol(Tcp/Ip) box checked?
FrimtonAuthor Commented:
LAN is onboard.  Will try your suggestion in the morning.

Many thanks so far!!
Do other computers on your network have issues with renewing their IP address through DHCP? Is your DHCP server hosted through your router?
This is a WinSock2 corruption!

Follow the URL http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811259 for an explanation of the issue.

To fix it download any one of the many free Winsock fixes for XP.
FrimtonAuthor Commented:
Sayed Maher's solution worked!

Many thanks to all
Mike GrizzlePC/LAN TechnicianCommented:
Hi there,

This is a common problem when removing viruses and spyware. The solution to your problem is running Winsock XP Fix. You can download it from here:



Please award points and close this thread, take good care.

good luck,
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