SBS2008 Folder Redirection not working


Recently completed a migration from SBS2003 to SBS2008 (using Jeff Middleton's kit).  For the most part we're up and running and just finishing up some last details.  One that is getting me stumped here is the folder redirection for the uses "My Documents".  I've verified that the group policy is there on the new SBS2008 server (this was working fine on the SBS2003 server).  Withing the new SBS console (under the Shared Folders and Websites) i've made sure that the users that need the folder redirection are checked appropriately.  They seem to have the correct permissions (full control under the share and then full control of their individual folders).   I logged off/on 5 times now (also did a gpudpate /force) to see if the new SBS 2008 GPO would take affect and nothing.  If I right click on the My Documents folder (these are all XP workstaions - all users are affected) it is still pointing to the old path (which cannot be modified) \\sbs2003\users\%username%\My Documents.   It's supposed to read: \\sbs2008\redirectedfolders\%username%\My Documents.

I had offline files unchecked.  So I went back and rechecked the offline files and deleted the cache that was already stored in there from the SBS2003 server.  Restarted and still nothing.

I am getting an error in the Application event log: EventID 106.  

Failed to perform rediretion of folder My Documents.  The full source path was \\sbs2003\users\username\my documents.  The full destination path was \\sbs2008\redirectedfolders\username\my documents.  At least one of the shares on which these paths lie currently offline.

Also has a previous error: eventID: 107:  almost similar to what was stated before but then said: The directory name is invalid.  (However, I can browse to that shared location for the user's My Documents with no problem on their workstations.

(this would be true because the old SBS2003 server is off the network and not in production (it is still available if I need to copy something over).

Been working on this for hours and cannot seem to solve.  Starting to think I am missing something pretty basic here.

I really don't want to have to touch each workstation (over 20) and recreate their profile or disjoin/rejoin the domain.  That's defeating the purpose of this whole migration path.

Server logs are clear and look good by the way.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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here are the settings

Here's a suggestion.
Not sure if Windows 2008 is the same, but Windows 2003 requires that the user is the owner of the redirected folder.  You can change a setting to stop this requirement.
check this for more information.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
To properly move files via folder redirection, both shares must be available so that it can copy the files from old to new. As I recall, this situation is actually covered in both the MS migration and in the swing migration and you'd only have this problem if a step was skipped.
But you are here now, so the easiest solution I can think of is to bring the old SBS server online and have users log in. If necessary reset their passwords and log in as them (if you are near the 21 days and need to get the SBS 2003 server complete immediately).
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mkavinskyAuthor Commented:

I used the tempDC during the migration process and the  GPO's seemed to have transferred successfully.  I did follow the steps, and I don't beleive I missed it (but it's not impossible).  From what I have researched is that the SBS2008 policies should supercede the 2003 ones.   i've gone over that swing migration a couple times to verify and check and am not seeing what I could have missed.

I can't have both SBS servers up at the same time (at least never connected to the lan at the same time).

I already have Outlook running with the new DC and drives mapped, etc... I'm wondering how much of a problem that would cause going back to the old SBS2003 (it's still within the 21 days).


In your GPO policy for the Folder Redirection.  What value do you have for the Settings Tab.
'Uncheck the Move the contents of My Documents to the new location' box
Then try it again.
If you have some concern about causing more trouble, then I suggest you to make a Test OU, Recreate the Folder Redirection Policy, keep the 'Grant user exclusive rights to My Documents' and 'Uncheck the move the contents...' boxes empty
Then you can test a user account and move it into the Test OU.
My previous post should solve the problem, but there is one more option..
You can modify the User's Registry and force it to use the new Folder Location.
For My Documents (and My Pictures) edit the keys at this location:
My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\MIcrosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
You will see the Paths for stuff.  Edit the values for My Pictures and Personal and any other values that point to the old path (old server).
Cliff GaliherCommented:
The SBS policies *do* supercede the 2003 ones. But folder redirection, regardless of 2003 or 2008, copy the data  from the old location to the new. This means that if folder redirection is applied to an account that previously had no folder redirection then the data is copied from the local profile. If, however, folder redirection is updated with a new location from a previous policy that indicated an old location then the data is copied from the old location from the superceded policy.
In either case, if the old location cannot be reached, the policy is not applied. This would be the same if you attempted to enable a new policy and the profile location was inaccessible for some reason (permissions or similar) and is a big snag for people who aren't used to this functionality.
It is common for most migration documents to have you disable folder redirection before performing the migration as this moves the data from the old server back to the profile and thus is ready for a new policy.
Or, conversely, if doing true swing to a server of the same name, the policy does not need to be disabled first as the location, as far as the policy is concerned, does not change. So if you attempted to swing to a server with a NEW name and used Jeff's kit with documentation for a different scenario, it may be that you didn't *miss* any steps, but that the steps were not documented as you were trying to apply the steps to a different scenario.
Regardless, it would be best to bring the old server online for a bit to migrate the data.
If you remove the setting to 'Move the contents...' to the new location, then the old location does not factor into it here.
I made a test myself to confirm this and it works.  The old location doesn't matter if it extists or is not reachable, it will just redirect to the new location.
mkavinskyAuthor Commented:

I thank you for your response and thoroughness in assisting in my issue here.  After reading your comments I see what you are saying.


Thank you too for your information and for the screenshots.  That definately did it!!  I tested it with 2 users and everything came up exactly as it should.  I'm sure it was me or something I did or perhaps missed in this migration but you've saved me a ton of time having to recreate profiles.  I actually had already re-created 2 profiles during this process knowing that had also worked.

Again thank you both.
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