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Convert string from textbox into type money SQL Server 2005

I usually use SQL Server 2008 and the following code works perfectly with it so I think its an SQL Server 2005 thing but am not 100% sure.

I am getting an amount of money from a textbox and inputting it into a database table with a field 'money'

am using a stored procedure - it works fine with every other field apart from the money field.

the code below doesn't work (i'm passing through a textbox (string))

I tried using CONVERT(MONEY, @Amount) instead of just @Amount but it made no difference.

anyone know what i'm missing?

p.s. - before someone asks I have checked that it is passing the correct textbox etc.
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[procedurename]
	@Amount money = null

	INSERT INTO Table1 (Amount)

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try this

insert into table1 (Amount)
values (CONVERT(VARCHAR,(@Amount,1)))

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nope doesn't work, says 'incorrect syntax near ',' (thats the commar with the 1 after it)

if i remove the ",1" bit it says "Disallowed implicit conversion from data type varchar to data type money"
sorry, remove the first comma. should be:

values (CONVERT(VARCHAR,@Amount,1))

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that brings up an error saying cannot convert from data type varchar to data type money - which makes sense as what you have told me to do is convert a string to varchar and put varchar into a field which is of data type money... which doesn't really make sense.

anyway i tired it with CONVERT(MONEY,@Amount,1) instead bit it doesn't work
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thanks looks like it is a data issue, strange thing is though that it does work perfectly with sql server 2008. I'll have a look and see exactly what it is passing to it.
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thank you - got it working :)
was a silly mistake - sometimes all it takes is someone to point the obvious and it makes it so much easier to find it!