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view a file in cmd

view a textfile
view contents of a .dmp file

using windows cmd

i only have access to windows cmd (no batch scripts)

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You can use the EDIT command. This will open a text editor that will allow you to view and save provided you have permissions.

You can also use the TYPE command, this will just dump the file to the console. There is no editing, but it will let you see the file.
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edit is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file

and i cant read the characters in the 'type command'
Apperently your machine is very stripped down as far as the OS goes, or atleast lots of restrictions in place. What kind of file are you wanting to look at? type and edit would only be good for text files. If you are wanting to look at anything else, you will need a utility that is specific to the file type you are wanting to look at.
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I could see the file

but there were many non english characters

is there a way to view the .dmp file
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Is this a memory dump file? u could use dumpchk maybe
otherwise try something like hippoedit or ultraedit
or sorry, windows cmd only. So not possible to install s/w then?
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what is
sorry s/w short for software like h/w short for hardware in geek language I guess
Can you explain what exactly you are doing?  Are you in the recovery console?  a Vista/7 repair command prompt?  What?  If you want a GOOD solution - you'll provide details.

Use the command TYPE - but looking at a .DMP file will be useless in a command prompt - you need to get it analyzed - I have a web page you can use to analyze dump files -
or post the minidump here !
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this is what i used to view file, copy and rename
and it worked using notepad? if so then surprising it didnt work b4 when u said it was funny characters