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Reporting Services - Cannot view my report

Hello experts,
I am very new at SSRS and I have created a simple matrix report on SSRS.
I have tried to acces to my reports via IE by entering:

Even, I could not see my reports under http://localhost/Reports 

any idea?
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I *think* I can help but first 2 questions.

1, did you try testing it directly from the server?
2, did you upload the files
3, ok, maybe 4 questions, have you given it permission?
4, and what error if any, did you get when attempting to run it using:

Did you tested the report on preview button?

Follow the steps here if you think you have missed out something:
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Yes.. Ihave tested iy. and I saw the preivew results correctly
You didn't answer any of my questions.

If you don't need my assistance, I will stop.

So far, what you have said is that you have previewed using ssrs but you have to upload it before you can view it using localhost/reports/

In fact, you use http://localhost/reports to upload your reports, create the datasources, give them permissions and then you can view them.
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When I try to deploy my report by clicking F5 button then Reporting Services Logon screen appears. And I have tried all username/password combinations to deploy the solution.
Oh god...
Finally I found my mistake.
I have modified the project URL as  http://localhost/ReportServer from the project properties
That's it!!
the old version was http://localhost/Reports
I found it
That's fine;refund him his points although he is doing incorrectly.