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shiny text animation

I have been trying, without success, to get a "shiny text" animation to work in Adobe Flash CS4.

I have attached the FLA file.

The "white light" goes over the text ...  but I want to iimplement a mask that makes ONLY the text get the shine.    
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witot-shiny-v2-cs3.fla was EXACTLY what I was trying to accomplish!!!

What changes did you make?  I actually want to learn how to do you mind taking a moment to teach me?
Perfect, fast solution!
The trick is to make the *text* the mask, as well as having the text that you see. So there are two copies of the text - one used as a mask and one to be seen normally.

Look at the three layers - the top layer (the mask) contains the text. The next layer contains the shine with the tweened motion, but it can only be seen *through* the text that's on the mask layer.

Because the mask and shiny layers are above the third 'ordinary' text layer they *obscure* the normal text while the shiny clip is passing, but show through once the shiny clip has passed beyond the mask.

Make sense ?
It makes sense....I guess.  :(

I just don't quite get why ANOTHER text layer would be needed.

In all the tutorials I tried working through online...none of them mentioned another layer of text.

Do you know of any tutorials that cater to this "second text layer" solution?

It obviously works....  :)
So you are saying that the ONLY thing I needed to do was add another "base" text layer?

I was pretty close?
I did it so quickly that I forget the steps. Let me go back to your original file and document the steps I took from there.
From your starting file here are the steps I took.

Unlock all layers
Right click the 'glint' layer and untick 'mask' (glint is no longer a masking layer)
Drag the 'glint' layer *into* the mask layer that is beneath it (layers now read, from top to bottom,

 +- glint
 +- text

Note the two bottom layers are  currently masked by the top
Click the 'text' layer to select it in the timeline. Click and drag *down and left* (imagine you are trying to drag it under and to the left of the layer above it. What you are actually trying to do is take it *out* of the mask layer, but still leave it as the bottom layer. If you succeed your layers should look like this

 +- glint

Hide the glint and text layers (the little 'eye' symbol on the timeline).
Click the blue rectangle on the mask layer. Tap delete to get rid of it.
Unhide the text layer.
Click the first keyframe in the timeline on the text layer - this will select all of the text on the stage.
Click 'edit, copy'
Hide the text layer.
Click the (now) empty keyframe on frame 1 of the mask layer.
Click 'edit, paste in place' - this will make a second copy of the text, but this will act as a mask.
Press control+b (break apart). We need to turn the text on the mask layer into shapes for it to act as a mask. If you succeed the rectangles around the text will vanish, and you will see that same shapes, but they will be coloured 'dotty' to show they are now shapes and no longer text.
Press control and enter to see the movie.
You may want to tweak the starting and ending points of the tween positions on the glint layer, but essentially you're done.
I hope that makes sense now. Basically I think you need to read more about masking in Flash. Google something like 'text mask flash tutorial' or 'animated mask flash tutorial' and see what you get
It will take me a while to work through the steps.  Thank you for that.

Here is the finished result.  I copied what you did and applied it to the word "DESIGN" in my logo:

Good luck with your business.
Thank you.

And thanks again for your excellent help!