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Combo Boxes for Zip Code to autofill in City & State

I have reviewed other problems/answers similar to mine and can not make those answers work in my db.  I am creating a DB using Access 2007 for employees to complete an IRS reporting form to collect info to ultimately send to the IRS.  The forms do NOT go directly to the IRS.  It is only for gathering info that the accountant will accumulate into his system to confirm and transmit.

I am simply wanting the Employee to key the Form's Zip code and it autopopulate the Zip Code City and State.  I keep getting a "Syntax error in From clause" error when I use code below in the "Row Source" field in PostalCity

Here is what I have.

I have 4 tables:
1) IRS Form Info;
2) City;
3) State Abbreviations;
4) PostalCode

I have populated the PostalCodes table with all zip codes within my region
I have linked (via Lookup Wizard) the PostalCode table to my State Abbreviations table
I have linked (via Lookup Wizard) the PostalCode table to my City table
I have linked (via Lookup Wizard) the City to my State Abbreviations table (since City names can be duplicated by many states each name will be unique by a CityID)

1) PostalCodeID
2) PostalCode - The unique Zip Code
3) StateID - Lookup field to "State Abbreviations" Table
4) CityCode - Lookup field to "City" Table

1) CityID
2) CityName
3) StateID - This is a lookup to the State Abbreviations table

State Abbreviations
1) StateID
2) State - This is the full state name
3) PostalState - This is the 2 letter Postal State Abbreviation

IRS Form Info
1) TransID
2) CustomerLastName
3) CustomerFirstName
4) CustomerAddress
5) CustomerPostalCode
6) CustomerCity
7) CustomerState
8) CustomerAmount
9) TransDate

Thanks in Advance
I tried code similar to the below

SELECT City.CityID, City.CityName FROM City JOIN PostalCode ON PostalCode.CityCode = City.CityID

I get a "From" Error

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You are missing INNER in join statement.

it should be
SELECT City.CityID, City.CityName FROM City Inner JOIN PostalCode ON PostalCode.CityCode = City.CityID
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Thanks tabish.  Worked instantly to let the list populate all Cities.  However, I thought, probably mistakingly, that when I picked the zip code, say 45999, that City would automatically populate with the name Cincinnati.  What I'm getting is the list of ALL cities.  If I have already defined in my PostalCode table that zip code #45999 relates to CityID 1500 which is Cincinnati am I doing something incorrectly such that it lists all cities.
SELECT City.CityID, City.CityName FROM City Inner JOIN PostalCode ON PostalCode.CityCode = City.CityID
Where PostalCode.PostalCode = [forms]![Name of the Form Where you have your Combo box]![Name of your combo box that selects the PostalCode]

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Tried the following code.  Now the combo box list "City" is blank.  Previously it listed every city in the drop down combo box.

The Form name is: "Info Reporting"
The Combo Box on the form is: "InfoPostalCity"

Seems like we're close but no cigar.   And I'm in desperate need of a cigar.
SELECT City.CityID, City.CityName FROM City INNER JOIN PostalCode ON PostalCode.CityCode=City.CityID WHERE PostalCode.PostalCode=forms![Info Reporting]!InfoPostalCity; 

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What is the name of the combobox that select the POSTCODE (InfoPostalCode????) ? You should use that.

InfoPostalCity sounds like the combobox for city that populates when you select a postcode. Am I right?
Sorry for the bad English

InfoPostalCity sounds like the combobox for the city that is populated when you select a postcode. Am I right?
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Actually I drag and dropped the "field" InfoPostalCity from the "Tables" onto my form.
Please post your DB If possible for you. Remember, if it has private data you should not post it unless you fill it with dummy data or delete all the other tables except City, PostalCode and State Abbreviations.

See if I can fix it for you.

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Oops, "IRS From Info" Table field should be InfoPostalCity instead of CustomerCity
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Here it is.  Thanking you in advance.  Had to change some things first is why it took a little time
Hi wlwebb,
sorry I got a bit busy will be back soon.
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Thanks for taking a look
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Works sort of.....

At least I'm getting info in the City & State boxes but the info isn't correct.

I made the changes you suggested.. However, I selected a zip code of 43001 and the Form populated the City and State fields {This is a decided improvement on where I was 4 1/2 hours ago and more than I've been able to get on my own trying all sort of combination(s) of code}
However, the City Name and State it is selecting are incorrect.  It is returning "Ashville" as the City for 43001 when it should be "Alexandria".   What it is doing is returning the info for CityCode 35 instead of CityCode 9.  The code 35 is the State Code.

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Figured it out.  

Me.WinnersPostalCity = Me.WinnersPostalCode.Column(2)
Me.WinnersPostalState = Me.WinnersPostalCode.Column(3)

Should have been
Me.WinnersPostalCity = Me.WinnersPostalCode.Column(3)
Me.WinnersPostalState = Me.WinnersPostalCode.Column(2)

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Have a problem.  City works but State doesn't

Changed the Row Source on  WinnersPostalState to the following code:

City name works fine, but the State doesn't work.   Any suggestions?

SELECT State Abbreviations.StateID, State Abbreviations.PostalState FROM State Abbreviations INNER JOIN PostalCode ON PostalCode.StateID=State Abbreviations.StateID;

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You may try to choose this:
SELECT [State Abbreviations].StateID, [State Abbreviations].State, [State Abbreviations].PostalState FROM [State Abbreviations];

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Worked like a charm.  Bless you!!!!