How do i connect 6 rackable servers to the internet and unable remote login.

I have 6 Rackable systems servers with 2 TB storage capacity( SATA DRIVES) in it. I have installed Cent OS (64 bit) in  all the servers. I have the following questions:


1. How do i connect the servers to each other so that they can communicate( Should I use an 8 port switch or they can be connected to each other (because it has 3 ethernet ports and 1 serial port).

2. If they can be connected to each other which ports should i use.

3. How they can be connected to the internet connection ( Is it by connecting the ethernet cable to the server serial port)

4. How should i unable the remote login for all the 6 servers
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Pick any network port on the server, usually they will be labelled 1, 2, 3, and so on, or NIC 1, NIC2. By looking at your image, I would plug in to the left hand side network port.

It also looks like there is an administrative console/out of band management network port on the right hand side near the LED's, refer to your server documentation for info on that one.

If you want to connect to your servers from home / remotely, you can SSH in to them (  but it depends on how you've got your internet connection set up. Does each server have a public IP address available, or are they behind a router and you can set up port forwards to each?
network16Author Commented:
Put in a 16 port or higher switch. With an 8 port you'll use 6 for the servers and then 1 for your internet connection, leaving only 1 port for anything else. Don't even bother trying to connect them together directly, you'll just be wasting your time.

They'll connect to the internet via the switch (which you'll need to plug your internet connection in to as well).

By 'unable' the remote login - do you mean disable?
network16Author Commented:
So from which port of the server should i connect to the switch.

I mean how should i login to the servers from my home so that i can make any changes if necessary in the future.
network16Author Commented:
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